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ITS TIME TO FLY – Victoria Ang

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Feb 11, 2020
Victoria Ang

All night long in my dream I was fighting demons in the Spiritual realm that was so real I was woken from the dream only to go back to the doing the same. But in the last scene I was in a “field “ with my sword held high as in “Victory”!

The scene changed and I was at a store purchasing a pair of underwear. I purchased the garment and left the store only to realize that they left the metal tag ( the kind that is used to prevent theft when something is expensive ) still on my purchase.
I returned to the store and pulled out the underwear only to see the tag had been removed. But the under wear was in shreds.

The scene changed and I was following an unknown man( God) and we walked passed a man that was lying down on the ground naked . But as soon as we came along he “ “raised” up and started to follow as well. ( represents the few people)

In the next scene I am going outside to leave with this unknown man ( God) on a motorcycle. But look up and noticed I did not have my sun glasses on I had left them behind. And the light was so bright. There was a motor cycle parked outside which I was getting ready to leave on. The dream ended

Interpretation :

The SPIRITUAL battle has been WON .In order to continue to follow Jesus we must be “stripped” bare of everything in our fleshly bodies.Which has been a COSTLY price to pay.It is NOW time to RAISE up and go forth as the Lord leads. Those that have TRULY been following Jesus no longer look at things the same way. But through the eyes of the BRIGHTNESS ,and clarity of Lord. ( through his eyes) The motor cycle represents the “few” that will be transformed to help bring in the final harvest.And speed it will occur.

As I woke I received a vision. In the vision I saw my white horse. She was standing near the “ WELL ( living water)“ PUMP” ( power)at my house. As I looked at her in the vision she started to develop wings and I heard “ ITS TIME TO FLY”!!!!…….

This will not pertain to all but those that will be helping bring in the final harvest!
Be GREATLY encouraged ! And be blessed in a mighty way!


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  1. Christine

    Thank you for sharing. It’s very encouraging!

  2. Charles Van Delden

    Sounds like Rev. 12:5. The “catching up” (harpazo) of the “manchild” company, may happen soon according to this word from Victoria….this company of believers will return according to Jude 1:14-15, to do accordingly and bring in the final harvest…..under the direction and authority of our Lord. Some of us, I believe, will see these resurrected/glorified saints at work.
    Just my thoughts…from the “manchild doctrine ”
    Thanks for this word Victoria and blessings…….

  3. Jesse Terrell

    GOD riding a motorcycle? The LORD is the Most High GOD, the Great I Am. Where is your reverence for the LORD?

  4. LaTonya Canada-Christ

    At Jesse Terrell – Motorcycles can represent a one or two person ministry in a dream. If Jesus can ride natural horsepower, as in Revelations, or a colt of a donkey in Mark, isn’t it possible that He could ride the mechanical horsepower of a motorcycle?

  5. John

    Nothing will happen

  6. Catherine

    Dear Victoria, your underwear was destroyed, you had not glasses on and the Light was strong, and and and…if I was you, I will ask me, if everything is right in my life.

  7. A Believer

    Why are so many people mocking and doubting? Victoria shared a very encouraging and powerful dream. You should be thankful that she shared it. It is lifting up God’s people, the remnant, the bride, the true believers, the ones who are awaiting their bridegroom. If you don’t believe or doubt if this is from God then it is NOT for YOU, then just be quiet or ask God about it. Doesn’t it say: “This will not pertain to all but those that will be helping bring in the final harvest!”?
    Cathrine, you are attacking and offending Christians at every turn. You are such an Anti-Christ. If you don’t believe in the God of the bible then please leave this page, don’t leave evil, destroying and downcasting comments. Other people told you already to stop that. If you think you are a Christian, you are decived. Repent and start to follow Jesus, then you will also understand what fellowship means and how costly it is and that you must leave your comfortzone and convenience in order to go to heaven. If not, I mean if you are a satanic person then just shut up and stop attacking Christians and unsettling younger or baby Christians.
    To everyone: This word is very clear: “In order to continue to follow Jesus we must be “stripped” bare of everything in our fleshly bodies.Which has been a COSTLY price to pay.” Every true Christian, the ones who are following the Lamb wherever he goes are all stripped bare and lost everything, they are suffering greatly and all their fleshly desires died. All they are desirering now is to be united with their King and Savior. To follow the Lamb means if Jesus goes to the cross, you follow to the cross, if Jesus was tortured, you will be tortured, if Jesus was tormented you will be tromented, if Jesus hungered you will hunger, if Jesus was hated, despised, rejected and persecuted, the same will happen to you, if they stripped Jesus bare even of his underwaear, they will do it to you and so on. Jesus was totally completely srtripped bare of everything, He lost his friends, family, his health, his joy, his belongings and even his underwear. He requires from us to follow, that’s the way to heaven, the only way to heaven. The ones who followed and paid the price will help to bring in the harvest. All others will go through the great tribulation. Thats’s God’s great mercy where God strips bare everybody and pushes everybody aout of his comfortzone by force. Then they are forced to do something: Either they cry out to God, repent and get saved or they curse God and go to hell.
    Victoria, thank you very much for sharing! It blessed me very much!
    God bless you all

  8. Michelle Downey

    “unknown man” ???….. eternal life IS to know the Father!!!!!

  9. Overcomer

    Cathrine, I ask you: Is everything right in YOUR life? Or are you cruified with Christ and stripped bare with him like a TRUE believer?

  10. Victoria

    MICHELLE DOWNEY ! I say this in a humble way. All glory to God.I have spent the last 12 years one on one training with the Lord quitting my RN nursing job as the Lord ASKED of me. Trusting him FULLY for every single source of provision. He has removed every single family member and friend from my life so there are no distractions .
    .I have the gift of interpretation of dreams and visions. When I receive dreams that he gives me he almost never shows himself as God but makes it known to me during the dream. Because at times there are MANY UNKNOWN people in some dreams but he makes me aware of whom they represent or their significance. So things are not confusing.
    It is not my job but YOURS to seek the Lord and have HIM confirm what I share is true! Please be VERY careful how you treat Gods anointed. Because one day we will ALL stand before the Lord and have to answer for our actions.Remember I share as a prophetess speaking as the Lord directs. So when you mock me you are mocking him! And there are prices to pay for ones actions ! … God bless

  11. Victoria

    To All Others leaving kind comments! And those letting me know their appreciation and encouragement!….. Thank you! …. May Gods blessings be upon you in a mighty way! Keeping you and your families safe from harm and in complete peace!

  12. Luca

    Victoria, the True believers know that your dream and interpretation is from God and it’s really ecouraging and uplifting. The mocking of these “unbelievers” or baby Christians can be very hurtful. They just don’t understand and have no connection with God almighty. They are not walking in the spirit so they can not know, they can not understand with their carnal minds. Try to ignore them. There will always be mockers and scoffers just like in the days of Noah. But one day very soon, God’s people will be raised up and all the mockers and scoffers will be left behind to suffer the consecuences of their actions. Then they will reallize how foolish they had been and maybe repent to get saved. Much love to you and thank you for sharing your dream. It blessed me very much.

  13. Chris

    Victoria, what you say is conformation to what God taught me. Like you said, there are only a “few” who will be transformed. These few know who they are and they know their assignment. What you said is confirmation for them. But ONLY for them. All others who don’t belong to the “few” can not understand, because this word is not adressed to them. Not all prophecies are adressed to everybody. What you said about your own life is also confirmation that you are truely a person of God. You encouraged me very much! Thank you for sharing! Be blessed sister!

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