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ITS TIME TO FLY – Victoria Ang


Feb 11, 2020
Victoria Ang

All night long in my dream I was fighting demons in the Spiritual realm that was so real I was woken from the dream only to go back to the doing the same. But in the last scene I was in a “field “ with my sword held high as in “Victory”!

The scene changed and I was at a store purchasing a pair of underwear. I purchased the garment and left the store only to realize that they left the metal tag ( the kind that is used to prevent theft when something is expensive ) still on my purchase.
I returned to the store and pulled out the underwear only to see the tag had been removed. But the under wear was in shreds.

The scene changed and I was following an unknown man( God) and we walked passed a man that was lying down on the ground naked . But as soon as we came along he “ “raised” up and started to follow as well. ( represents the few people)

In the next scene I am going outside to leave with this unknown man ( God) on a motorcycle. But look up and noticed I did not have my sun glasses on I had left them behind. And the light was so bright. There was a motor cycle parked outside which I was getting ready to leave on. The dream ended

Interpretation :

The SPIRITUAL battle has been WON .In order to continue to follow Jesus we must be “stripped” bare of everything in our fleshly bodies.Which has been a COSTLY price to pay.It is NOW time to RAISE up and go forth as the Lord leads. Those that have TRULY been following Jesus no longer look at things the same way. But through the eyes of the BRIGHTNESS ,and clarity of Lord. ( through his eyes) The motor cycle represents the “few” that will be transformed to help bring in the final harvest.And speed it will occur.

As I woke I received a vision. In the vision I saw my white horse. She was standing near the “ WELL ( living water)“ PUMP” ( power)at my house. As I looked at her in the vision she started to develop wings and I heard “ ITS TIME TO FLY”!!!!…….

This will not pertain to all but those that will be helping bring in the final harvest!
Be GREATLY encouraged ! And be blessed in a mighty way!


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