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It’s Going To Get Medieval – Bro.John in Mo.

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It’s Going To Get Medieval

August 19, 2023 9:03 AM
Bro.John in Mo.

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus to all the Saints. In the 1996 movie titled: “Cable Guy” Jim Carey and Mathew Broderick went to a dinner theater called “Medieval Times” for an evening of fun, food and entertainment. In reality though, back in the Middle Ages, also known as the Medieval Times, there was precious little fun, food or entertainment. It was a very dark period of persecution, pestilence, war and famine.

As a prophetic watchman, I read many different prophetic postings by individuals all across the internet. Sadly, in my own personal opinion, I would say that 85 to 90 percent just do not bare witness with my spirit, meaning that I do not believe that they are actually of the Lord. I sense that many are just seeking a name for themselves, and driven by ambition, while others write with an agenda, writing as if it’s the Lord himself speaking, (when sometimes it’s really not) and rebuking those in whom the actual writer personally dislikes. (to falsely state and pretend that it’s God speaking judgement toward those you personally dislike is the quick road to hell)

I know that that’s a high percentage that I personally feel is false prophecy, but that’s my own personal opinion, which I’m entitled to. Here is an exception though. On 8/15/23 Bro. Jonathan posted an article here at 444news by sister Elizabeth Marie titled: “Prophetic Warning: Going back to Middle Ages; Feudal System; Plague Doctor; Marburg; Leprosy” This word bares 100% percent witness with my spirit as a true word from God, because I have had similar words from the Lord. Good job with that article Sister Elizabeth! I believe that you really heard from the Lord, in regard to that word.

Back on 12/09/21 here at 444News, Bro. Jonathan posted an article that I wrote titled: “The Catacombs Are Coming Back Again” Back in the The Middle Ages, Christians literally had to move underground into tombs/tunnels where the dead were buried, to escape horrific persecution. Back in 2021, Catholic Archbishop Lenga stated: “I encourage you to build catacomb chapels” When I heard that I was shocked, but it absolutely verified what the Lord had spoken to me 20 months prior, in April 2020, about the catacombs coming back again.

Concerning the Marburg Virus, that Elizabeth Marie spoke of, I will personally verify that this is a true word from the Lord. Several times since the year 2020 out of the blue, the Holy Spirit has spoken theses two words to me. “HEMORRHAGIC FEVER.” When I first heard this word from the Lord, (Hemorrhagic Fever) I had no idea what it was, and I had to look it up online. So what is Hemorrhagic Fever? It consists of a group various different viruses, including EBOLA, and the MARBURG VIRUS.

So why would God speak these kind of words to his servants? It’s for one reason, and for one reason only…to warn the Saints to prepare (spiritually above all) for Great Tribulation! Elizabeth Marie also mentioned in her article about the Bubonic Plague, that it was widespread during the Middle Ages. This is also right in line which I spoke of in my article titled: “A Great Murrain Is Coming” which was posted here at 444prophecynews back on 6/22/23. In my article I stated: “The Complete Word Study Dictionary Old Testament says the following in regard to the word “Murrain.” (The Hebrew word for “Murrain” is “deber” a noun meaning plague or pestilence) This plague is a dreaded disease similar to the Bubonic Plague in the Middle Ages”

The modern church as a whole, is mostly clueless to the dangerous times that we are now in, such as being on the verge of nuclear war with Russia and China, and the sudden revival of many diseases that were once wiped out by modern medicine. Many at this late hour are playing and dancing around their own personal golden calf, seeking their “Best Life Now” and thinking that they will soon be gone in the “Secret Rapture.” My heart goes out to this group of Christians because: THOSE SEEKING THEIR “BEST LIFE NOW” WILL BE SUFFERING THEIR “WORST LIFE FOR ETERNITY”….AND THOSE HOPING TO BE “SECRETLY RAPTURED” WILL INSTEAD BE “HANDCUFFED AND CAPTURED”… BY A GOD HATING GOVERNMENT THAT HATES CHRISTIANITY!

All of these things are coming soon. If you are in known sin, please amend your ways and get right with God! If you are in a sinful bondage, look to the cross of Christ. Your freedom from sin comes only by FAITH, but your faith MUST be placed in the proper object, which is the finished work of Christ, and what Jesus did at the cross. When your faith is correct, then and only then will the Holy Spirit go to work for you, freeing you from EVERY bondage from hell. It’s the Holy Spirit that does the work, but He cannot, and will not rid you of sin, unless your faith is placed in the proper object, which is Christ and the finished work that He did at the cross.

Hard times are not only coming, they are already here. Our world is now in complete and total satanic insanity. Sin is actually a form of insanity, and this present wicked insane world means nothing to me any more. Nothing! I hate it! The world I once knew is now utterly and completely forever gone. We now live in a sickening satanic freak show, featuring “Drag Queen Story Hours” at the library, and “After School Satan Clubs” becoming popular, and being pushed by some School Districts.

If you believe that Satan doesn’t get released from captivity until the end of Christ ruling and reining on earth, in a literal 1000 year reign, (Premillennialism) I personally believe that you are going to be horribly shocked very shortly, at some of the satanic manifestations that you are about to see. After much study, about four or five years ago, I became an Amillennialist, (it’s the only thing prophetically that makes absolute sense to me) and it is my personal belief that SATAN HAS ALREADY BEEN RELEASED, and is presently going hard at it….full throttle to deceive the nations into a global world war soon, along with setting in place the mark of the beast, before the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In my opinion, this is the reason why things have gone completely insane on a world wide basis, it’s because the king of insanity (Satan) has been released! (I highly recommend a book by Sam Storms titled: “Kingdom Come: The Amillennial Alternative”) Think about how crazy things have become just since the Covid 19 pandemic. It used to be years ago, that if you wanted to see the “Fat Man” or the “Bearded Lady”, etc., you had to go to the circus, whenever it was in town.

Now days if you want to see a shocking satanic freak show, all you have to do is go to Walmart, or your local Dollar General store. Dear God Help Us! I would rather Jesus come back today, more than anything else in the world. But on the other hand, I personally know many that are not saved, so my only reason for existence is to warn others to flee from the wrath to come. (Mat. 3:7) That’s what I’m doing right now, I’m warning that things are going to get bad, REAL BAD. Let me put it another way…. “IT’S GOING TO GET MEDIEVAL” PLEASE HIT YOUR KNEES AND CRY OUT TO GOD FOR FORGIVENESS WHILE YOU STILL CAN!

As I close, let me just state this: I do not know her, but I fully endorse the article that sister Elizabeth Marie wrote, and was posted at 444News on 8/15/23, because I have heard very similar things. I see eye to eye prophetically with very few people, and this is a welcome rare exception. I only wish that it were something good prophetically we both were hearing from the Lord, instead of something bad.

The the end-times are now upon us. Isaiah 52:8 states the following about watchmen who are in agreement. “Thy watchmen shall lift up the voice; with the voice together shall they sing: for they shall see eye to eye, when the Lord shall bring again Zion.” Blessings to all my dear brothers and sisters in Christ. May the Lord God Almighty shelter you under his mighty wings, as we endure these tumultuous times of tribulation…until the end. Come soon Lord Jesus! Maranatha!

Bro. John in Mo.

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