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The Catacombs Are Coming Back Again – Bro. John In Mo

The Catacombs Are Coming Back Again

December 9, 2021 7:19 AM
Bro. John In Mo

Greetings to all the Saints in the name Jesus Christ! I just wanted to touch base with the remnant of Christ scattered abroad, in regard to a word of wisdom that the Holy Spirit spoke to me back on April 11, 2020. What I heard the Lord speak to my spirit were six words: “The catacombs are coming back again.” I mentioned this word in an article that I wrote titled: “Christians…Prepare To Be Put Out Of The Synagogue!” at, posted on 8/7/21. On Thursday 12/2/21, I was watching Bro. Rick Wiles broadcast of Trunews ( and at the 34:33 min. mark he began reading an article from Catholic Archbishop Lenga that states him saying: “I encourage you to prepare catacomb chapels.” It was like a cold chill went down my back when I heard that word. I find it amazing that the Holy Spirit warned someone so unworthy, such as myself… 20 months in advance, about this coming retreat for survival into the catacombs! What a mighty God we serve!

Archbishop Lenga is currently in exile, hiding out from the corrupt power of the Roman Catholic Church. I am not Catholic, but what this man said is the absolute truth. There is MUCH scriptural error in Catholic doctrine, but thankfully they do preach and teach correctly on the SECOND and the ONLY coming of the Lord, (Heb.9:28) rejecting the lies of the secret pre-trib rapture doctrine that most believe in. We are truly at the end of time. The TRUE church (truly saved individuals) will be going underground to escape persecution VERY soon. Some are already in their place of hiding. Just as the early Christians hid out in the catacombs to escape persecution, and execution, so shall the true hard-core, blood washed, modern day believers in Jesus Christ do the same. (Ecc.1:9) “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be.” The free ride is now over, friends. It is about to cost us something to be a true believer. And what is the cost? Perhaps the loss of every material thing that we own, including the loss of our very lives. It is better that our LIVES be lost, than our SOULS be lost.

Something else that I thought might be of interest to the Saints of God. This past Sunday Dec.5, 2021, about 15 min. after sun down, I saw a beautiful sight that nearly brought me to tears. The sky was ablaze with different colors after sunset, and way off in the distant southwest, probably twenty-five miles away, I could see a shower, with three columns of wispy looking rain falling…a beautiful sight to behold! When I saw that, suddenly I thought of the song “I Will Pour Water” sung by Grace Larson. When I got to my computer, I went to youtube and typed in that song (the 29:35 min. version) and began listening. (Please listen to this song. The greatest outpouring of God’s Spirit will be in the midst of this end-time great tribulation, and that is the truth. Miracles that have not been seen since the book of Acts are very soon to happen. The rain is coming friends! Why wait..if you need a miracle, ask now!)

While I was listening to this song, the Holy Spirit began ministering to me, and the tears were flowing, as I was sitting there, hands raised, praising God in tongues! As I was praising and praying out loud in the Spirit, suddenly, out of the blue, the Lord spoke to my spirit and said “I am shortening the days.” I knew what I heard was scriptural, and I found it in Mat. 24:22, and Mark 13:20. Jesus said in Mat.24:22 “And except those days should be shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elects sake those days shall be shortened.” There has been much debate among Christians over the many centuries to exactly what this means. (the days being shortened) Some believe this already has taken place, and had to do with the destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman army in 70 A.D. Some others believe that it is still yet to happen.

I honestly do not know exactly what this MEANS, but I know what I HEARD in my Spirit. What I believe that God is trying to relate to his servants right now is this….. that it is MUCH LATER, prophetically speaking, than most of the church believes. Most of the the church (as a whole) will NOT even recognize it when we are in the midst of the end time great tribulation. You can take that word to the bank. Every day, the vaccine mandates are looking more and more like the “mark of the beast”… and those in the secret pre-trib rapture doctrine, are starting to scratch their heads, and saying to themselves, “Lord…why are we still here..we weren’t supposed to go through the tribulation, we should have been “raptured” by now.” Yet the problem with that statement is that JESUS never said it, it is deceived MEN that have said it, and taught it…and a deceived CHURCH that has believed it.

1 Thes.5:9 Is what many in the pre-trib rapture doctrine love to quote: “For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ.” This is a true, it is the word of God, but the time of great tribulation is NOT the wrath of God! If you are pre-trib, have you ever thought of the novel idea of maybe cracking open a Strong’s Concordance, and checking for yourself to see if the definition of “great tribulation” is REALLY the wrath of God? Since this is apparently too hard for most to do, let me help you. It’s Strong’s number #2347. And the definition of “Tribulation” is….(drum roll please)…………pressure (lit. of fig.) afflicted, affliction, anguish, burdened, persecution, tribulation, and trouble. This is word for word from my Strong’s Concordance, copywrite1990. There….that wasn’t so hard was it? Did you see the word “wrath” anywhere? It is so sad to me, that most of the church believes the lies of deceived, pot-bellied preachers, and they refuse to believe, and STUDY the word of Almighty God. Jesus only warned of MEN deceiving you, he never warned of his WORD deceiving you. (pause and think on that)

Friends, as I close, I would truly rejoice, if I have spiritually awakened even one person, as to how far we are into the endtimes, and that possibly, even RIGHT NOW, we may be in the time of great tribulation, as spoken of by our Lord Jesus Christ. (Notice that the “secret” rapture has NOT happened yet, the temple in Jerusalem has NOT been rebuilt yet, and that the ancient city of Babylon has NOT been rebuilt yet, etc., as the dispensational/pre-trib rapture doctrine teaches) It is my belief that NONE of these things NEED to come to pass, in order to prove that we are in the tribulation. Study church history, there are many who would agree with me on this statement. Many deceived watchmen are watching for things that HAVE ALREADY HAPPENED, things that will NEVER HAPPEN, and the things that ARE HAPPENING, (mark of the beast type vaccine mandates, multiple volcano’s erupting simultaneously, increasing earthquakes, economic chaos, dramatic increase in violence, murder, suicide, the very soon coming nuclear war with Russia, and China, signs in the heavens, etc.) they simply ignore, because spiritually speaking, they can’t see it. In other words, “this can’t be the tribulation/mark of the beast…because the “rapture” hasn’t happened yet.” The angels must shake their heads in disbelief, at the scriptural, and spiritual stupidity of most in the modern church. God help Us!

We are now in December of 2021, Governments are mandating vaccines, or no job, and of all people, we have a Catholic Archbishop (instead of a Baptist, Assembly Of God, or Pentecostal, etc.) telling us to prepare catacombs to go into… to hide from the soon coming persecution. Wow! If that doesn’t get your attention, I do not know what will. It truly appears that the second exodus is here, and the woman (the church) is fleeing into the wilderness. May you prayerfully find your own personal wilderness to flee into, and may the Spirit of Jesus Christ bless you, keep you, and hide you, until we see his mighty coming, in great power and glory. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

Bro. John in Mo.


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