America, China, Dream, Foreign Troops, Invasion, Mexico, Russia

Invasion from Chinese, Russian, Guatamalans, Cubans, Mexicans – Terri

Invasion from Chinese, Russian, Guatamalans, Cubans, Mexicans

Dec 13, 2019 11:10 PM
The following is an email forwarded to me from Jeff Byerly

This was sent to me in response to the Dave Hodges video I posted this morning

This is not to instill fear in anyone but so that you will ready yourselves physically and spiritually ❤🙏

Hi Jeff,

I’m NOT good at writing AT ALL so I’ll do my best. This is in response to your caption with Dave Hodges alert. Where to start…..

I’m in SE Colorado. Its the most conservative county in the state. Elbert County. Seriously you see pickups with the American and Gadsden flags flowing out the back of the trucks. Sadly, just as in TX where I’m from originally and was working, via travel the past months till last week.. all are Patriots and think somehow we are going to take America back… what Dave said about the conservative areas is spot on. I’ve simply known that for many years as the Lord shows and warns.

The first warning I got from Holy Spirit about 4 years ago was when a young Chinese man came to our shop/barn to buy some chickens here in CO. (this is only one incident) I could tell he was sizing up the place but I also felt peace. They’ve been/are buying up property all around this area rapidly this year. Recently the county showed a list on it’s site of 300 names, one very large area of land…(this area has many, many wealthy people, doctors who work in the city etc, with huge indoor arenas and mansions. Not me lol, I’m in a 1982 remodeled modular. I’m a retired trucker.) My point is, this area is very desirable property and so forth. Consider too, all CO represents …. ..

I’ve had NUMEROUS times here my PC and phone have shown Chinese writing vs English. It would just pop up on websites and even some texts…. I know I’ve been tracked yet, I have peace. At a doctors visit a man in the waiting room with me was telling the receptionist he kept having Chinese come on his phone. I butted in and said, I have too, it’s pretty strange isn’t it?

Dream #1 last year: I was home here in CO. There was a group of Chinese men on my front porch and sidewalk. They were in different dress though….some nice military uniform, some military uniform that was really ragged and others in tattered regular clothing. I stepped out on the porch questioning and hesitant…. somehow there wasn’t a language barrier… they were humble…at this point I experienced something that’s only happened to me twice in my life yet this was the strongest one…the Lord filled my heart to overflowing with this pure, strong, love for them. It was a supernatural love.

To this day I wonder if this will be a refuge? Or if they’ll stay here if I am told to “go.” I do have no doubt they will be attacking SOON but also think they will be with Russian troops and even isis, created and waiting underground here for the right time…

I am just recently able to interpret some of the many dreams the Lord has given me over the years, but, not nearly all of them. In the physical, our place is not in a safe area rural. We are on the main rural highway that in the past, had a few vehicles when we moved here and now it’s just crazy traffic all day and night. We are on the main shortcut from CO Springs military bases to DIA and too close to that for comfort in the natural. Much goes on regarding this highway. “hiding in plain site?”… I’ve had another dream/warning regarding the Chinese but it was very short and very graphic. Suffice it to say slaughter is coming.

ON the other hand in TX, the Mexicans are starting a political war via a FB craigslist on a small community’s getting heated. I use translate to keep up with it and they’ve brought the fight to the American side even as far up as the Texas panhandle. .. The town has been taken over while the wealthy sleep. There are Guatamalans, Cubans, Mexicans and the tension is palpable. So is the mocking you see in the eyes of those intent on harming Americans. They glare hard with a hatred that’s purely demonic! I marvel the people there are so asleep and so dull of hearing….. In the middle of the various migrants are those who are grateful to be here and what a heart they have! I’ve always had a deep love for the Hispanic community..I’ve been “prayer driving” while working down there.

When I travel home to CO, usually around 3AM there are buses and vans hauling migrants north. It’s slowed some the past 2 months. The number of buses and vans at the motel there have decreased a bit…now it’s actually the migrant workers vs those being moved for the evil ones purposes…

It’s crazy to see what’s happened to a town I was born in, had all the family there and yet the people sleep. The stores are chaotic and you can’t walk thru one of them due to the things the migrants throw on the floor etc. Still, there’s a love for them and they will rise up soon against us and those of their own who go against them.

I don’t know if all this makes any sense but wanted to share. As of late, I’m praying for direction, for detail on where the Lord wants me as this unfolds…




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