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Invasion, Camps, Asteroid Tsumani – Mel D

Invasion, Camps, Asteroid Tsumani

October 24, 2020 1:04 AM
Mel Diaz
Florida USA

Hello there
Shalom my name is Mel Diaz from Florida USA I heard about your dream on someone youtube channel about the surprise attack on USA. The Lord also showed me 3 different dreams about this subject and I wanted to share as I believe this are confirmation.

May the Lord Yahshuah hamassiaj/Jesus Christ of Nazareth have mercy on us all. I would very much wish and I don’t use that word I am wrong. But, I have many dreams come to pass in my life and that’s my deepest concern.


I had a dream at the beginning of 2020 where I went outside around 9pm I looked to the moon to my east it’s the atlantic ocean as I looked up I see another what appears to be a bigger greyish type of planet or moon behind the regular Moon. I woke up. I was like what in the world it’s this Lord? In the same dreams I went back out side in the morning because I heard something when I looked up thousand of parachutes were landing everywhere a surprise attack on USA from china and Russia no time to react. They had everything set up already gear trucks I mean . They knew where exactly they were landing. Note I live about 5 minutes from NASA maybe that has something to do with this location they started taking people to concentration camps torture camps I was one of them, they had us chained with our arms crossed in the back to the next person I see myself in this hallway a line of about 8 people ahead of me a door at the end and a glass window inside what appears to be doctor on white robes we were all female in this line of prisoners one by one taken inside I didn’t know where they were taken them but they were coming back out through the same door, as I was about the 3 person to go in I try to look inside. What I saw was the most horrific sight or better say nightmare everytime I remember still shakes me to my core I can’t shake this dream off my mind, they had them handcuffed to the wall on each side as the walls on a public restroom but the walls were about 4 feet tall in cement. Lord have mercy 😔 they were introducing this machine up their vagina and ripping off their inside out blood everywhere the person shaking in pain dropping on the floor still handcuffed to the wall. When I saw this I started shaking as fear took over me that I cannot describe knowing I was about to be next and there was nothing I could do to escape my situation. I cry Lord help us! To my right was a window I could see outside people force laboring it was early in the morning grass still wet. When all of the sudden I see USA airplanes everywhere shooting at the camp guards. I was like this is the moment somehow I started running I find myself outside running towards the big gate shots fired everywhere back and forth I fell in the muddy grass as I was about to reach the gates I woke up. Only the Lord knows the oath he has to each one of us but I pray the Lord in his infinite Mercy filled us with the courage we may need and strengthen our faith to stand till the end no matter what even to death. Oh Father let your will be done.


I woke up on what it looked like an ice cream trucks again a chinese couple in their 60’s were been paid to go kidnap specific people. There I was in the back of this van I can see the man driving last on passenger side. I ask please let me call my kids so they know I’m not coming back, she has a old flip phone. She answered I can’t do that. I could see throat small space on the window that we were driving through many states I could see the weather as it changed sunny and snow till we arrived in the west coast california. A small boat came picked me up they left. The boat took me to a type of platform in the middle of the ocean offshore came up from the water ” I know it may sound crazy” but, this is what I been shown it became like an underwater elevator we went in for mike’s deep I was like there’s no way anyone will ever find me in this underwater concentration camp. I woke up.


Everything was flooded I was looking for a place to pass the night with a group of people I didn’t know. We found a house that was not completely ruined. I went to a room there was a dusty desk like the place was vacant for a long time. There’s was a black agenda type of notebook I open it and a type of 3D map open up I see the map of North America and asteroid crossing from west to east hitting the atlantic ocean as I’m staring at it disappears and I see July 3rd underlined 3 times. A man come from behind closed the book upset as I wasn’t supposed to see that. I said we have to tell them! We have to tell them so they get ready as I’m walking out the room, he grab my hand and say NO! I looked at him and asked. Sis you know this was going to happen? I knew I meant the flood. He didn’t answer. We have to tell them so they get ready with their families and I woke up, this dream was around May 2020.
I have been showed dreams about the tsunami hitting the east coast of USA in 2011/13. I uploaded a humble video on my channel in YouTube the Father had pressed in my heart to so I did. Many others dreams about catastrophic scenarios same to my daughter.

We are to be ready so that weather we are here alive we are found Worthy to stand before the Lord and I’d be sends for us we are ready to be with him forever. May the Lord guide our steps with his light, love peace in this last day.



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