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I’m coming again sooner than you think – Mike Stephani

May 24, 2020 1:22 PM
Mike Stephani

Greeting again,

Over the last 18 months The Lord has told me 3 times that He is coming again sooner than most think.  I’ve linked these messages with other confirmed messages about civil unrest/violence, rapture dreams, and economic disaster here in America.  My hope is that more souls turn to Christ and that those of you in Christ are bolstered and strengthened by these messages so that you know you are not alone through the darkest of days that have begun for His bride. Now is our time to shine for our Lord and Savior.
Mike Stephani
Auto Generated Transcript

greetings from western New York this is
Mike a beautiful summer like May day I
wanted to host a couple of more night
visions and dreams and messages I’ve had
confirmations on one of them is that
over the last 18 months I’ve been told
three times by the Lord that he’s coming
sooner than anyone thinks written all
this down so if you see my eyes darting
off to one side it’s because I’m reading
my notes so Jesus has told me he’s
coming sooner than anyone thinks or
believes I’ve had to rapture dreams one
I remember vividly where I was standing
outside at night and the stars started
moving and growing in size and they
turned into angels and we myself and
others instantly knew that exactly what
was happening and another one I saw the
sky roll up just like you would roll up
a scroll the clouds and it was just
incredible and in that particular event
I was I was so scared I I ran into a
basement onto something else that’s
that’s been bothering me and that is a
couple of night visions I’ve had these
are definitely night visions or not
dreams or something altogether different
where I saw a black cloud a mass it was
roiling almost boiling just jet black
come overhead and then I watched as as
these demons being spiritual beings were
coming out of that roiling cloud and
hitting people and turning them into
uncontrollable maniacs I mean they were
just filled with rage and I watched as
Americans started killing other
Americans from this just an
uncontrollable rage it was throwing
people into people that were just before
that spending time together
and having fun with friends and it
turned one against another and it wrote
to such a level of violence here across
this country that martial law was
imposed on the urban areas and in the
rural areas checkpoints are set up you’d
be driving and stopped by two or four
people police partnered with what I
assume we’re national guards and they’d
ask you where you’re coming from where
you’re going and this this just
continued on and led to a deterioration
of the economy where there was collapse
after collapse of companies
organizations municipal governments
unable to fix roads it was it went from
bad to worse there were safe zones that
the Lord established in these areas and
people came together and were people of
faith came together and they were
protected by the Holy Spirit and they
their provision was sure there’s more to
come on this they’ll be a part two but I
haven’t put it all together yet as soon
as I have I’ll post it thank you


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