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Apr 29, 2019, 6:24 PM
Katie Troutman

I just wanted to turn this in. This is a word that God gave to me in early morning prayer over a year ago. (January 20, 2018 )
I was going through my phone and somehow this popped up just a few minutes ago from where I had shared it with a friend and I felt the Lord tell me to share it publicly.
When I got done writing what I heard Him say that morning. I asked Him to please confirm His Word to me and out of everything in my bible I could have turned to, I turned to a page in my notes in the back that I had never seen before . When I opened my eyes my finger was on this. The Lord’s name is the Great I Am and He calls Himself the The Great I Am blank times in the bible. I can’t remember the number.
The first part was to me personally and Him just talking to me like a year ago but I felt Him leading me to share.

January 20th 2018
From Daddy

Your dreams will come true. My people have not discerned the time correctly.
I will do amazing things through you.
I see your heart. I see how it beats for me.
I am with you and your children.
You do not have to fear.
Just enjoy your life and draw close to me. More closely than ever before.
Hard times will come. In fact, it’s upon you but my love will shine forth in the lives of my people.
Do not fear what you see with your eyes. Only draw closer to me. I will keep you and sustain you through it all.
Do not fear my child. I love you. I will take care of you.
Every need will be met.
If only all of my children would have heard me and my warnings to them.
If they had only listened and obeyed.
They would not suffer what they will have to endure.
My examples that I chose for my people were purposefully left for this time on earth. It is a deceitful time.
Noah heard my instructions and built an ark for safety.

(An ark is a place of refuge, the most famous ark being Noah’s ark, from the Bible story about a worldwide flood that destroyed everyone and everything on the Earth except the people and animals on Noah’s enormous boat, the ark. )

I told what was coming to my servant and he prepared an ark to ride on top of the waters.
My children will soar high above the trouble coming but only those who hear and obey my instructions.
Noah stored food for his family to eat. Noah also made preparation for the animals to survive what was coming to his generation.
I have told you as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be at the return of my Son.
People will be given in marriage. In order for my creation to marry there has not been a total societal breakdown as many believe will take place.
Think, what have I shown you. Not every word spoken is from my mouth.Not every decree or utterance made comes from the Great I am.
Only to those who I have prepared through the refiners fire will speak for me.
Choose wisely how your time is spent each day.
Choose who you will serve. Yield yourself wholeheartedly to me.
I am that I am, says your God.
I am your creator.
I created the earth and the waters that cover.
I am the great and mighty God who will shake my fist in the face of every evil way.
Every perverse path I alone will destroy.
I am that I am your Great and Mighty King.
I am that I am, the Ruler of Everything.
My ways are not your ways and my thoughts are not yours.

I am Justice.
I am Good.
I am God above all created things.
I am Peace for whatever your soul needs.
I am your Father and I will comfort you.
I am your redeemer and I am your soon and coming King.
The clouds will part and make way for me.
Look to the sky. Your redemption is near.
I say look to the sky your redemption is coming!
You were made for me and I exist for you. We are meant to be one.
I love you my children. You are mine and no one can remove you from my care. No one can stop what I have started.
I AM the Author and Finisher of your Faith.
I AM worthy of your trust for I AM Faithful above all that concerns your life.
I have the hairs upon your head counted.
I am a God who Loves you in a way no man can understand.
My ways are not your ways. My thoughts are not your thoughts.
My light pierces through and divides the darkness.
I AM the the LIGHT of the world.
Deep are the ways of your God.
Search me out. Know who I am. Seek me while I am found!
Draw close to me and I will envelop you with security and power from above.
Hide in me and you will see clearly.
Trust in Me and you will have peace deep within your being.

I am that I am.
I am your Great Creator and I love you my children.
My son died for you that you would have a good life in abundance.
I am Good to my children.
I am a Good Father. I have never left you or forsaken you and I never will.
Taste and see that I am Good.
Oh come to me I plead with you. Please come to me my children before it is too late.
I am speaking to you. I am pleading, hear me now in this moment in time.
Please do not let the enemy STEAL my WORD from you.
Retain what I am speaking to you and hold my words closely in your heart.
Come back to me, Repent, turn from all sin. my people come to me in this moment. Surrender ALL of your life to me and I will heal you.

Fathers heart is pleading in a way my words can not convey.
He is grieved over His children and yet rejoices in His love for each and every one of us. Please come to Him before it is too late. He wants all of us. ALL of our minds, all of our hearts every bit of us was created for fellowship and service to Him. Love Him today He’s so worthy of our love and adoration. Come to Him and be totally healed.

Katie Troutman

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