If Only We Would Hear! – Ruth Johnson

If Only We Would Hear!

Nov 9, 2019, 3:37 PM
Ruth Johnson

O Lord, if Only…
If Only we would listen
To Your still, calm voice,
If Only folks would hear
So they can make a choice.
If the choir up in Heaven
Were played here on earth
Like a radio in stereo,
Not just in church,
If the message of the prophets
Were screamed day and night
From the warning sirens
Spread throughout the land,
Who would hear and understand?
It has always been the prophets
Yelling like fools,
Jesters in an age
That will not suffer fools.
The criers in the wilderness,
Using all the tools
To reach the many masses
Before the message cools.
Fire is the cry!
Fire! Can’t they hear?
Fire yelled in a theater
Elicits instant fear!
How can they not hear?
They sit and do not fear?
Keep staring at the screen
Even though it is so mean?
O Lord, if Only people listened,
If Only people heard!
If Only people hung
On Your every Word!
This world would be so peaceful,
Hearts would be so kind
War and strife, hunger, death,
Never brought to mind!
Food so good and plentiful,
Water pure and clear,
Awaiting all of us,
If Only we would hear!

Following this poem in my notebook is an entry my Lord is asking me to share of what was happening in the world June 29th, 2018.
Huge flood in Mexico.
Tornado in Kentucky.
Tornado in Eureka, Kansas.
Wildfire in Manchester, England.
Landslide after rains in Romania.
Drought in Inner Mongolia, China,
affecting 40% of the region,
more than 4 million pastures.
Hailstorm Istanbul, Turkey, flood.
Sandstorm in Kuwait (Ajaj)
Mt. Agung in Bali, Indonesia,
strong eruption.
Kilauea, Hawaii, erupting.
Dangerous phenomena of the star Iraq.
Blood moon, July 27th, 2018.
Longest blood moon over
Revelation 6:12.
448 earthquakes in 24 hours,
Kilauea summit.
Blue blood moon January 27th.
Yellowstone Park, mass pine tree
die-off eastern side.
Message to Byron Searle:
Die to self and carnal self,
Walk in the Spirit,
Talk in the Spirit.
Collapse of economies,
People have heard prophets yelling warnings but do not believe them,
Keep speaking to the lost.
Ezekiel 9:8-9
Acts 19:11-16


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