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I will send destruction to your monetary system – Barbara Francis

I will send destruction to your monetary system

Barbara Francis


Men of earth, what will it take to bring you to your knees?. I see nations of reprobates. Not just one nation, “several” nations worshiping false GODS and IDOLS. Worshiping money. I will send destruction to your monetary system. I will render your cash worthless. I will make the rich poor. I will make the poor rich. I will pass over the houses of my chosen , just as I did in Egypt. I AM ALWAYS THE SAME. I NEVER CHANGE. I will destroy your crops and your water will be made bitter. I will burn the nations from within city by city. I will call up my groups of resistance, those making a stand for righteousness in MY NAME.Your technology is your enemy. Evil men have control. Those claiming to wear of ROBE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS ACTUALLY WEAR A ROBE OF DECEIT. These are your worldly Church leaders , not MINE. I WILL HUMBLE THE PROUD AND BOASTING I will lower the one claiming to be CHOSEN. I call and choose, I give and take away. I have sent the DESTROYER BEFORE. I WILL SEND HIM AGAIN TO THE PROUD AND ARROGANT. Men of earth, WHAT WILL IT TAKE? When will I SEE REPENTANCE? WHEN? WHEN?

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  1. Marc Naples

    It’s as if God still doesn’t want destruction on America….
    But has no choice!…sins.
    Prepare for the coming collapse, pray for guidance in Christ, and then be ready like NOAH….too prepare.
    We all like to eat, so buy extra food store’s, don’t wait till the collapse of the monetary system….ok, price’s will climb.
    Amen Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. Rita

    My job and financial situation have been in the midst of being shaken for the past few years, but God keeps telling me to not trust in money but to Trust in Him.

  3. Scoopie

    “I will humble the one claiming to be chosen”.. A week after this prophecy was released, potus said “I am the chosen one “.

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