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I will send destruction to your monetary system – Barbara Francis

I will send destruction to your monetary system

Barbara Francis


Men of earth, what will it take to bring you to your knees?. I see nations of reprobates. Not just one nation, “several” nations worshiping false GODS and IDOLS. Worshiping money. I will send destruction to your monetary system. I will render your cash worthless. I will make the rich poor. I will make the poor rich. I will pass over the houses of my chosen , just as I did in Egypt. I AM ALWAYS THE SAME. I NEVER CHANGE. I will destroy your crops and your water will be made bitter. I will burn the nations from within city by city. I will call up my groups of resistance, those making a stand for righteousness in MY NAME.Your technology is your enemy. Evil men have control. Those claiming to wear of ROBE OF RIGHTEOUSNESS ACTUALLY WEAR A ROBE OF DECEIT. These are your worldly Church leaders , not MINE. I WILL HUMBLE THE PROUD AND BOASTING I will lower the one claiming to be CHOSEN. I call and choose, I give and take away. I have sent the DESTROYER BEFORE. I WILL SEND HIM AGAIN TO THE PROUD AND ARROGANT. Men of earth, WHAT WILL IT TAKE? When will I SEE REPENTANCE? WHEN? WHEN?

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