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I will not tolerate the idol worship – April Denise Stefko


“I will not tolerate the idol worship.”

January 4, 2022 7:56 PM
April Denise Stefko

Received 1/4/2022

“London, Bangladesh, Toronto… The ax will fall. Destruction will befall these cities before third quarter. People ignore My admonishments to their own peril. Weight of sin brings a house down from the roof. Heat will plague places where wickedness reigns. Hell loosed amongst the nations… Rocks of judgment crumbling down onto high places. I will not tolerate the idol worship. Get your heart right with Me now. Time is almost up. You don’t realize how little time is left of your freedom. Chinese coming soon. Eat your dinner now while you can. Make sure to pay off what you need to own. Paper products will not be manufactured, but will be hoarded by the ones in control. Waste must be disposed of, figure that out now. Plants can be used for odor. Research now while you can what you will need. Let My Spirit guide you, acquire what I tell you when I give you the notion. Don’t ignore when seemingly random things pop in your thoughts. Bring your money to Me, and ask Me exactly what to do with it. I know what exactly YOU will need; your needs may be different than others. – YHWH”

– April Denise Stefko


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