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I Mean What I Say, and Say What I Mean – LynL

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I Mean What I Say, and Say What I Mean

July 21, 2023 5:38 PM


The vast majority of my children are not fully marching, one by one, to the tune of righteousness. Instead, I find many on drugs, alcohol, in fornication, lying, cheating, unforgiveness, wanting what others have, disrespecting their parents, swearing, using my name as a cuss word, and stealing to name a few. They march to a different drum, and still expect to make it into Heaven. Where in my word did, I ever say, this was permissible?

Heaven is for the righteous, those who have buried their past sins and made them history.

All my children have the ability to change, if they want. It is up to them to alter their directional course and change the behavior that is not suited for my Kingdom. They are in charge of the helm of their boat. It is up to them to steer their way clear of all sins.

Sins do not make it into Heaven. My word has always told you what is permitted and what is not. Many have tried to bend my words and manipulate their meanings. Each word means what it says. It is time to change your directional compass to match mine.

My Holy Word is in my Holy Bible. Most that do read it, find that certain words are not to their liking. Rules and commandments I put in place, long ago, are tweaked, changed and meanings are convoluted. Most think that it is a book of suggestions, and only that. This is not the case. My word says what I mean, and I mean what I say. These are the rules to live by if you want to get into Heaven. It has never been a pick and choose option, and I will not make exceptions. I have no favorites. All my children are judged by the same set of standards and rules,

Adhere to the rules I have set out for all to follow. Your repentance is mandatory, if you have not. Stay away from all sin and follow me into the Heavenly realm.


My Word is who I Am. The Holy Bible reflects what I expect from all my children. Rules and commandments were put in place to tell you who I Am.

Many have sinned for years, but now it is time to repent and know that your soul will be cleansed to move forward. I love you, my child, but repentance for all sins must be addressed before it is too late, before you take your final breath.


My Word cannot be altered. Not one jot or one title will be allowed to deviate from what has been said. The Bible is my script, it is the outline, and the final Word of what was, is, and will be. Nothing can change, for I do not change.

I have said that all sins are the same. I have also said you must repent of any and all sins. These are the weights that keep you chained down to Earth and keeps you in your flesh. Your soul can ascend to Heaven with repentance.

Many have been taught doctrines of men. Beware of any teachings that do not conform to my Word. For I Am, my Word.

Start with repentance, prayer and reading my word. Together we will make you a new creation in Christ.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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