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 I change the wind, the sun, moon and stars that I hung – Edward Umling


 I change the wind, the sun, moon and stars that I hung

November 30, 2021
Edward Umling

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Prophetic Word November 30 2021

I Change the Wind, the sun, moon and stars that I hung

Words of knowledge

Here comes an anomaly in the economy the first sign of a currency problem
There’s going to be hiccup; in the transportation industry soon
An involuntary sudden closure
Here comes disaster, and then another and yet again

A Prophetic saying

Here and now this land is judged. My people cling to things that pass away. I remove by my hand idols of prey. Look to he left; look to the right here comes disaster for I slay at night

Words of Knowledge

There shall no more be freedom in this country
I strike with a vengeance
Changes to the airline industry begin today (that would be yesterday)

A Riddle from the LORD

Changes today, changes tomorrow; the sound of vessels; the sound of my call; Do you know them all? I am LORD the maker of all. He whom I chose shall fall; here in the sand, there is too close a call; from the throne And my hand I have called them all.
Listen to this night vision

It’s very dark. I am somewhere where it’s dark. I perceive there is in the fear surroundings. I hear the thoughts of people. They are saying war. There is war. It’s that country whose coat of arms is the dragon. No one said anything but somehow thoughts were audible to me.
War in the not too distant future

A prophetic saying

Changes in time changes at nine; for who knows what’s in the father’s hand; I called to my own I set in order; the time of seasons will hold no longer; I change the wind I change the sun; the moon the stars that I hung; Who can say what are you doing for today I bring from my father’s hand
Drought prolonged

Jan 11 2021

There is a turning of events that is about change the course of history; Shock, Disbelief, Perplexity. This is the season the earth begins to change. The seasons no longer hold their patterns and their courses begin to change.

Words of Wisdom

Who can say to the LORD what are you doing? The Lord manifests himself by executing judgements and the wicked are then trapped in the work of their own hands.
Behold the time of sorrows O people and Nations.




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