I AM The only One – Lasttrumpet08

I AM The only One – Lasttrumpet08

November 11, 2018

I AM The only One who can Save the world but sadly many do not want to accept Me as their Savior. That is why the world is in such tremendous turmoil and there is no true peace. I Am The Prince of Peace and without Me there will be no true peace in the world but turmoil. Only My beloved children will have My true Peace that surpasses all human understanding in the midst of turmoil.

I Am The only Hope for the world, those who do not have My Peace. Hope in Me does not Fail nor Disappoint. I Am always Faithful to those who come to Me humbly, with a repentant heart. I Died for all out of Love on The Cross. I Paid The Ultimate Price with My Blood. It is not My Will that anyone perish but that all repent to have Eternal Life. But it is up to everyone to seek Me for themselves and to make Me their Savior. I Am The only One who can Forgive sins. I am The only Way, The Truth and The Life. You must all be reconciled with Me. I will allow you entrance into Heaven or refuse you. Those who refuse to obey Me will not Inherit My Everlasting Kingdom. Let no one deceive you and do not deceive yourselves. I Am The One whom it is all about. I Am The Life Giver, your Source of Life, without Me, you can do nothing. Love Me and be reconciled with Me before it might be too late.

Those who are willing to seek Me, find Me. Diligently seek Me and you will not be disappointed. Be in Peace with Me, that matters.

“Jesus answered, I Am The Way and The Truth and The Life. No one comes to The Father except through Me.” John 14:6

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