How to train our hearts what to believe – Jeffrey Stewart


How to train our hearts what to believe

March 27, 2021
Jeffrey Stewart

Your heart is a believing organ, while your brain is a thinking organ. So to get your heart to believe in your new identity as described in the New Testament, you must SPEAK God’s Word as opposed to just reading it to yourself silently. While your brain may understand you are fully accepted and dearly loved, until your heart BELIEVES it that knowledge does not really help you. For you only receive the things of Heaven THROUGH your heart.

So I would suggest the quickest way to get your heart believing correctly about your new identity is to ask the Holy Spirit to guide you about what you need to be speaking to your heart from God’s Word. Jesus had trained His heart what to believe TO THE POINT that He did not even have to command miracles – He did not command the water to turn to wine, the bread to be multiplied, or the ten lepers to be healed. He only spoke as if it had already happened, because Jesus had taught his heart what to believe. And that is the key to walking in the miraculous like Jesus did. Because the church has taught much about how we need to train our minds what to think, but little about how to train our hearts what to believe.

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