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How can you begin to prepare for the coming severe persecution and chaos

December 7, 2021 7:34 AM

First, prepare your spirit, heart and mind by reading and meditating on all of Jesus’s life, miracles, teaching and commands. Ask yourself if you are still living in your “first love” experience with Jesus Christ, the Son of God . What is your mind and heart focused on? What are your goals and commitments? Where do you spend your time and money? Compare what you are thinking, doing and living right now to what Jesus taught and lived in the Gospels. Go back and mindfully read them all again. Meditate on His commands and warnings often. Focus especially on what Jesus is expecting of you in your commitment to Him. We are commanded to “come out of Babylon, lest we share in her judgments”. Open your heart to allow the Spirit of God to lead you into truth with repentance unto faith and obedience to Him. Listen to Him! Follow Him! Love Him! Obey Him!

If you have not yet experienced the “Good News” of forgiveness and the “gift of life” with peace that meets us in every situation of life including persecution and death this online video created from the Gospel of Luke about the life of Jesus Christ can help you to understand and believe. Jesus

Read Foxe’s Book of Martyrs for a historical account of the continual waves of persecution upon those who passed this faith down to us and how they responded in that faith. There is a pdf version here.

Watch the historical interviews and sermons of Rev Richard Wurmbrand on youtube. His testimony of overcoming persecution is a gift from heaven showing us the path to walk on.

If you can do it get out of debt and stay out of debt. If you can do this you will find that your freedom and options will improve greatly.

Take an inventory. What do you really need? What can you get rid of? Do you have expensive toys, luxury vehicles, extra vehicles, or other things you have purchased that you could sell or barter at this time to invest in the items that you and others will need when you find yourself outside the world system. Sell them and scale back to only what you really need and that you can pay cash for. Consider that many of the things you now own may have no value to you at all when: the economy collapses, the banking systems fail and dollars, gold and silver are worthless, the utility services go down permanently, Biblical level end times disasters begin, you find you are not able to travel, work, buy and sell because you are a “Christian” or for just not complying with the godless end times world system.

The essentials that you and others will need are: Bibles, New Testaments, Hymnals in bulk to share with others, shelter, potable drinking water, food, sustainable cooking and heating equipment with the fuel needed to operate them (most likely wood burning depending on where you are located), practical clothing for all seasons, the ability to wash clothing, bedding, clean cooking utensils and bath as needed, basic first aid items, some form of sustainable lighting.

Love one another!

Note: I want to re-emphasize the message that was given to me concerning preparing for what is soon coming. We live by faith not fear. We are being called to lay down our life in this world in testimony to The Son of God. He never exampled or taught us to hoard or to take up arms to threaten, harm or kill to try to save our life and property. He exampled and taught the exact opposite. We need to humble ourselves while fixing our hearts and eyes on Him. We need to look up to Him. He sits at the right side of His Father in Heaven with all authority and power in Heaven and Earth given to Him. Listen to Him. Follow Him. In all that we do we should first seek His will, His wisdom, His leadership and His help. This is the end of all things of this age which have been determined before the creation of the world. We should expect to lay down our life, not seeking to save it. Time is short. We need to prepare our heart and life to be in a place to be free to serve Him and do His will. We should expect to share all that we have been given with others who are in need.

This is a heavenly opportunity to express the Love of God with the hope of bringing others to faith in Him. There really are only two sides to the conflict that is coming. This conflict will create a sorting and testing period revealing everyone’s heart choices and loyalty. To self preservation with a love of this world or to loyalty and love of the Son of God by obeying Him by walking in His commandments while living in His Spirit in the way He exampled to us. This conflict is between good and evil, heaven and the earth which is currently under the influence of the fallen angel Lucifer (satan) who is battling against the Son of God who is our Redeemer and Savior from this fallen, godless, evil world system. The conflict and events are the “birth pains” that will bring in the new age with the Kingdom of God on earth.

We should listen to Him! Follow Him! Love Him! Obey Him!


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