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Holy Spirit Warnings

December 2, 2020 3:49 PM

Last week the Holy Spirit gave me some words. I turned to the messages from the messengers of the 444ProphecyNews site because I believe the purpose of the words given for the church was to revisit these posts again.

WORD – 11.20.20 I received the word constraints.

constraints – a limitation or restriction, the threat or use of force to prevent, restrict, or dictate the action or thoughts of others.

Excerpt from: “You Will Enter Into a Police State” 444ProphecyNews (Cryptic1 11.22.20)

‘It is coming – a movement, a turning from democracy to dictatorship, from freedom to a totalitarian state… Eyes will be watching all around to see whether you are in full compliance or not. There will be police within the police. I speak of a police state where your every action will be controlled, monitored and reported. Trust no one at this time save Me your Lord and Savior. I alone am faithful and true to the end. Abide in Me children for soon the world and even your loved ones will forsake you for a price. In that day father will go against son and mother against daughter. Trust no one but Me and the voice of the Ruach HaKodesh who will guide you step by step. These are dark days indeed.’

WORD – 11.28.20 I heard ‘activate’ and shortly after ‘mouse trap’. Are we the mouse caught in a trap that has just been activated?

Excerpt from “The Mouse Trap!” 444ProphecyNews (Benjamin Faircloth 5.27.18)

‘”America you REALLY DO think there is a political solution to your sin-soaked situation! You have been fooled by the Master of Deceit and you are living a lie. “Life is good” is the mantra of the puppet masters who control your minds and appetites!

A trap has been set and like a fool who runs to his folly, you have taken the bait! The spring of the trap is soon to come, but will you know the hour of your visitation? The consequences of your sin is soon to be revealed, but will you know the hour of your judgement?

Call unto Me, and I will show you the way of escape and the route of safety, and the course you should take. Ask Me and I will answer you in the midst of the great floods of judgement!’

WORD – 11.28.20 I was watching President elect Joe Biden on the news and I heard ‘expendable’.
expendable – of little significance when compared to an overall purpose, and therefore able to be abandoned.

Excerpt from “RAPID PLUNGE Leading to his own demise!” 444ProphecyNews (Victoria Ang 11.11.20)

In this prophetic dream set in a very large mall, Joe Biden steps into an elevator which rapidly descends downwards.

Following is an excerpt of the messenger’s interpretation of the dream.

‘While it may APPEAR to the masses of people (mall). That Joe Biden is on TOP. He will soon make a RAPID PLUGE on a downward turn . Leading to his own demise!’

WORD – 11.29.20 I was driving through a residential area surrounded by beautiful homes and thought to myself how safe would this place be in the event of a war? As I started to go down a slight incline I heard the Holy Spirit say ‘war is on the horizon’.

Excerpt from “PROPHETIC WARNING: ATTACK!!//War is Coming!!” 444ProphecyNews (Elizabeth Marie 11.30.20)

‘I believe that the LORD is warning us of what is coming so we can pray. We know that the spiritual war in the heavenly realm is raging, and is manifesting here on earth. There are ‘wars and rumors of wars,’ like JESUS predicted there will be in the end times. We are seeing these rumblings with possible WW3, a civil war, and wars against humanity on the horizon.

Then, on 11/21/20, I was woken up to these words:

The Great War is Coming – Get Ready for it!

Truth is No More [Jeremiah 7:29]’

WORD – 11.29.20 I received ‘the media is complicit’.

complicit – involved with others in in an activity that is unlawful or morally wrong.

The Holy Spirit gave me a message on 11.28.20 which I have yet to post. This is an excerpt.

‘Soon, soon and very soon things will come into play like a finely orchestrated ensemble with (the actors) your media and the legislators (the puppets) – all working in fruition to bring about the greatest deception the world has known. Be not deceived children.’

WORD – 11.30.20 I heard ‘He’s coming for the church’.

Excerpt from: ‘I Withhold My Anger No Longer’ 444ProphecyNews (Alan Carrico 7.9.20)

Hello My son, this is Jehovah Elohim speaking with you this day. My children I now judge your filthy churches, as they have become an abomination to Me. I AM calling many of you out from your churches as I now judge all houses of worship that have forsaken Me for filthy lucre. I judge the pastors and will expose their deeds before everyone. I then expose the leadership of these churches that are complicit in their doings. I will then judge the people, for they love having their ears tickled and making them feel content in their sin. ALL will be exposed! Judgment begins in the House of the Lord and I now throw down all abominations in churches who give me lip service, but their hearts are far from Me. This judgment has already begun, but it now increases with great intensity as My righteous anger is kindled against these houses of horror. They will know Whom it is they have angered. Many will repent, but most will not. This is a most somber message, but I withhold My anger no longer. I AM.

WORD – 11.30.20 I was housesitting my daughter’s cat. The cat woke me up in the middle of the night meowing and letting me know she was hungry. In my spirit I heard ‘hunger is coming’.

Excerpt from ‘HUNGER / HAND OF JUDGMENT upon the land’ 444ProphecyNews (Elizabeth Marie 4.25.20)

‘”FAMINE is coming.

The BLACK HORSE rides.

Those who have heeded the warnings have prepared.

For those who couldn’t, I will provide for.

For all others, it will be a trying time of no food and hunger.

The LAND OF PLENTY will no longer be.

This is part of their plan to control and bring you into captivity. (Jeremiah 15:2)

Plan ahead and use the most of the time to get ready. The window for preparing is closing and is almost shut. Seek ME to lead you now on how to make the most of your time—I will show you.

Stay ever so close, MY BELOVEDS. Draw near to ME and I will be near to you. (James 4:8)

Forsake ME not as the days grow darker. Instead press in even nearer on bended knee.



The Holy Spirit is warning the church again and again. Let us continue to pray unceasingly and continue to share the message of repentance as the clock ticks closer to the midnight hour.


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