RAPID PLUGE Leading to his own demise! – Victoria Ang

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RAPID PLUGE Leading to his own demise!

November 11, 2020
Victoria Ang


TWO prophetic dreams last night:

Last night I was given a dream where I found myself in a VERY large mall. I was standing on the THIRD floor of the mall. People were milling about shopping and going about their day in the mall. As I was walking from one direction I saw JOE BIDEN coming from the opposite direction. He stopped at an elevator to get on. I saw him press the button ( in the spiritual realm ) and the elevator started making a RAPID decent down! I was still on the third floor and leaned over the balcony and saw the elevator in a rapid plunge and did not stop but kept free falling without stopping . The dream ended .

Interpretation :

While it may APPEAR to the masses of people( mall). That Joe Biden is on TOP. He will soon make a RAPID PLUGE on a downward turn . Leading to his own demise!

I was woken after the dream to pray. I prayed till I fell back to sleep and was given a second ENCOURAGING dream for those to be transformed for harvest work!

In the second dream I found myself in a large office meeting . I was SITTING on a chair at the table as the meeting was wrapping up. And was made known the meeting was about to end . All of a sudden my chair started to raise up and I was floating in the air while still in the chair.

The scene changed and I was made known I had traveled through time and distance and came across some unknown people in need. I got out of my chair to help them. Once I completed the task I got back on the chair and started to float to another place where I found more people in need of help. The dream ended .

Encouraging dream Interpretation :

The final preparations in heaven are being made for the transformation of those that will be doing harvest work. We are in a WAITING POSITION for Gods “go ahead”!

For the TRANSFORMATION to commence ! It will occur SUDDENLY!!

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