The Mouse Trap! – Benjamin Faircloth

The Mouse Trap! – Benjamin Faircloth

May 27, 2018

“America you REALLY DO think there is a political solution to your sin-soaked situation! You have been fooled by the Master of Deceit and you are living a lie. The thread that holds this nation together is frayed, but few see how fragile it is! “Life is good” is the mantra of the puppet masters who control your minds and appetites!

But I say unto you, look around and see the reality of a fallen nation, look around and see the homeless, the destitute, and those in great despair. Numbers don’t lie, but men do who are the Masters of charades and shadows of truth!

America you have bought the lie, the mantra has worked, you have no fear of God! America, you cannot be great without goodness and there is none that is good but Me!

A trap has been set and like a fool who runs to his folly, you have taken the bait! The spring of the trap is soon to come, but will you know the hour of your visitation? The consequences of your sin is soon to be revealed, but will you know the hour of your judgement?

Call unto Me, and I will show you the way of escape and the route of safety, and the course you should take. Ask Me and I will answer you in the midst of the great floods of judgement!”

(Scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 22)


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