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April 6, 2022 11:10 PM
Patti Young

The Lord told me today “That which is Perfect cannot come; until that which is imperfect is done away with.”

I know he cannot come into his tabernacle, his body, his flesh dwelling; until all that is not of him is burned out, done away with. Crucified flesh.

He also told me that the battle is his; he will take down the flesh.

He also said when he has decreed a thing, that it is already established, His word cannot be moved.

And once you are chosen, marked, he will NEVER let you go; no matter how the flesh tries.

Then he gave me a vision of his heart and his ribcage, and he told me we came out of his heart, his side. Then I saw in the vision blood pouring put of his side…..this is his bride, his true church.

A word from The Lord given to beloved sister Jesus lover …

Patti Young

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