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June 29, 2021 1:47 PM

Revelation dream from June 26, 2021 @ 3:20 a.m.
HIGH ALERT given to brother, J.D.C.S.

The Holy Spirit was showing me what has been happening and what is to come soon
In the dream, I was with my wife and daughter sitting the bench at the park near my home, we were just resting, relaxing.
We noticed how people would walk by who normally would be friendly, this time they would not even look at us, nor greet us.

I saw a lot of people that I know, and my wife would say, how odd that they dont great us, they see us but they don’t acknowledge us. We saw adults, young people, some we knew, and some we did not know. My wife and I said that maybe they did not recognize us.

We got up to leave and go back to our home, as we began to walk towards home, we heard a woman being grabbed by 3 people, they grabbed her by her throat, she is a Christian, I said to my wife, they got our sister in Christ, they are hurting her, they want to kill her. My wife said, “oh my GOD” why are they doing that?

I saw that those people that grabbed her asked her 3 times and shouted at her asking her why had she not taken the j.a.b. (I had the knowledge in my dream that these 3 people had already taken the j.a.b.) She told them I am not going to put that in my body because that is a poison to the blood, it’s poison to the hormones, its dangerous for the nervous system, for the white and red blood cells, she also said that what was in the injection was demonic, that it killed people and that she was not going to do it. I don’t want to become violent like you, you have been deceived, and you have been contaminated. She asked to let her go, they told her if you take the j.a.b. we will let you go, you have been telling everyone not to take the j.a.b. she told them I have to speak the truth, because that j.a.b. is murder. They would not listen to reason, they were zombie like, they had no mercy, no love, they were full of hatred and bitterness, their hearts were full of wickeness. I told my wife I needed to go help her, by wife said “no, be careful” but I said, I have to go help her, I have to deffend our sister in Christ, my wife said go, but be careful. I said to my wife go hide with our daughter. I walked near to were the sister in Christ was, I was about 6-8 feet from her, I shouted at her and told her to get away from them, so she looked at me and said to me, help me, it was true all you told me about the j.a.b. (I in real life have warned this sister in Christ not to take the j.a.b. because is not safe for the body.) She said to me, it was true what you warned me about. Look these people have 3 demons each, I shouted at the 3 people and I told them to let her go, so they let her go and then started to come after me. I shouted and said to her, sister flee to the mountains because JESUS told us to flee to the mountains, I began to run with my wife and daughter in a different direction going up a hill and she started running the opposite direction going down from where she was to get away from them. The 3 people who had taken the j.a.b. were angry would look at people and try to determine if they had the j.a.b. or not, if they found people without the j.a.b. they would attack them to try to kill them. My wife, daughter and I crossed a river, on the other side of the river we found a tall man, angelic looking with white garments, he was white and green eyes, he was about 2 feet tall, he was not thin nor heavy either. He said to us “peace be unto you” when he said that, we felt at peace, the fear left us. We did not see the 3 people chase us anymore. We felt protected, glad because someone was there to help us. I asked him if he also had to flee from the people with the j.a.b. but he answered me and said “I have come to give you peace and blessings but many have have rejected it. I have come to save, to give eternal life but many have rejected, buy you have eternal life within you” he was talking to us directly that we the Christians have eternal life, and he said that we are blessed because of it. He said you are blessed because you kept yourselves from the wolf, from the beast, from the false one, you have not allow yourselves to be deceived, many have allowed themselves to be deceived, the chosen ones have allowed themselves to be deceived, those that used to say that they were ok before me have allowed the deception (I felt that by deception he meant all those who took the j.a.b.). I asked him if he was the LORD JESUS, but he said no, I am the angel Gabriel, I have come with a message, the trumpets are ready to be sounded, there are only seconds left and the trumpets will be sounded so that the people of GOD will depart from this earth and stop suffering, then there will be many worst things taking place then the once you have seen up until now, this is just beginning, there will be many people that will die, there will be much shedding of blood, there will dense darkness over the earth, there will be no daytime, so I asked him, will we the people of GOD still be here to see all that? he said, that the people of GOD will be in a wedding celebration, the wedding supper of the Lamb, but here on the earth there will be sudden destruction and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. That is why he said you need to scape from all that is coming, and you are blessed because you have escaped from all that has been coming upon you, you separated yourselves from what the enemy has offered you and what man has created (he was talking in reference to the j.a.b.) he said prepare your hearts for His return (speaking about the rapture of the church) he also said, warn those who are preparing to sell themselves (meaning to take the j.a.b.) don’t allow them to give themselves over to the enemy, dont’ allow them to be sold (meaning that to take the j.a.b. is to sell your soul over to the enemy) he said, that the antidote which is ,
A remedy or other agent used to neutralize or counteract the effects of a poison.
An agent that relieves or counteracts.
To relieve or counteract with an antidote.
He said that the antidote will kill those who take the j.a.b. and will cause them to become violent and obedient to the antichrist and to the false prophet, and they will betray one another, many are dying and will continue dying he said, there are more pestilences, earthquakes, rumors of wars, and a famine crisis coming, there is a great hunger coming to the whole world, and it is then that the false prophet and the antichrist will be revealed, the antichrist will deceive many, so I said “but we don’t want to be here any longer” so he said be patient because only those who persevere until the end will be saved, you have to pass through the fire, now we see who the true believers are, those who run away for protection during persecution, those who separate themselves from the rest and are not contaminated, the persecution began 2 years ago, many will be put in jail, many will be killed for preaching, many will be put in jail for speaking the truth and for alerting the world, they will kill them out of hatred because are an obstacle to complete their (the elite) diabolical plan. He said, you have to watch and pray at all times, the Holy Spirit is always with you until the end. After the rapture, the Holy Spirit will not be here and those left behind will suffer greatly in the great tribulation, and then the angel Gabriel vanished, end of dream.

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