Heavy Weather – Ruth Johnson

Heavy Weather

Nov 25, 2019 4:05PM
Ruth Johnson

Heavy weather
Is on my mind
Not only there, but draggin’ my behind.
Heavy weather!
Wat’em I gonna do?
Think I’ll go to the gym
And lift a weight or two.
I am breathing air that tastes like lead,
At the gym there are mirrors
To ensure I’m not dead.
Not only that, the gym is cool,
Has lots of great stuff,
A lot better than school!
Heavy weather! Layin’ on my behind,
Good it’s back there and not on my mind,
Because my mind is going to the gym,
It can follow but it will never win.
And I never want to see
A bird up in a tree
Fall down to the ground
Due to lead poisoning.
That would break my heart
I would not know how to start,
I may not find my way
To the gym again.
But It is written
No sparrow falls
Unnoticed and not missed,
I am going to believe this, even in
Heavy weather
Weighing on my soul,
And, you know, if the Truth be told
Throughout the lands
Up to the skies
There’d be no black clouds
For there would be no lies.
At the gym a score is kept,
Due to the mirrors
And folks not slept,
For they are awake
To the times
And the importance
Of the dimes.
And heavy weather just points out
The ones who sleep
And the ones who get out.

Thank You for this, my Father.
This was written for my son. May all our sons in training be doing it for Your Son’s army, whether they admit it now or not. Soon.
In His precious Name, our Commander in Chief, our Savior, Jesus Christ.


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