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Hard Times Are Fast Approaching – Wendy Mixell

By Wendy Mixell

June 2015
In a prayer recently Yahuah spoke this to me;

Hard times are fast approaching and those who seek ME with their whole heart and truly know Me and obey my commands will be hidden in Me in the times of trouble ahead. There will be lack but you will lack no good thing according to my provision. Judgement will come to those who have not sought truth but have reasoned with their minds and the teachings of man but those who wait upon me in true humbleness and seek full truth will know the truth and be set free from the deceptions that many have lived under. Seek my counsel why it may be found!

Many Houses call upon Me but have left their first love and gone after gain stealing from the poor and widowed and prophesied falsely “Peace, Peace” but there will be no peace but for those who are fully hidden in me. Many will have to make choices they thought would never be demanded of them! But have I not warned in my word of this? Yet I have a remnant with Shepard’s of Truth to guide and prepare those who truly are pressing through!

What you have and are suffering now is for gain and but a light affliction and I am using to turn you fully to me in your time of need for fear, doubt and every hindrance must have no place in you to eat away at your faith. It is to prepare you for these last days!!!!

Jer 15:19 Therefore thus said יהוה, “If you turn back, then I shall bring you back. Before Me you shall stand. And if you take out the precious from the worthless, you shall become as My mouth. Let them return to you, but do not return to them.
Jer 15:20 “And I shall make you to this people a strong bronze wall. And they shall fight against you, but not overcome you. For I am with you to save you and deliver you,” declares יהוה.
Jer 15:21 “And I shall deliver you from the hand of evil-doers, and I shall ransom you from the grip of the ruthless.”

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