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God’s Warnings To USA: New Orleans – Caroline Diadem Hollywood-


God’s Warnings To USA: New Orleans & Hollywood

June 6, 2021 12:37 PM
Caroline Diadem

Here are some important warnings I recieved from the Holy Spirit.


June 1, 2021

Auto Generated Transcript

hi guys back again
so i have um a longer message here that
i received from the lord so there are a
few warnings actually
um about some regions in america so
um i’m just gonna jump straight in and
give you the message that the holy
um gave to me i just felt a strong
anointing of the holy spirit
um while i was praying while i was
there’s two of us praying actually and
yeah the spirit of god came on me and
was giving me these messages
so um i’ll just jump right in and just
share them with you and please
some of these are kind of important
warnings so i would just encourage you
just to
pass them on and just you know um
yeah just just share them you know where
you feel that you
you can share them you know to people to
warn them
so i’ll just start off i first of all
you know sometimes i just get words from
the lord
and but i also got messages here so it
starts off with some words that i
received okay
so i received this on sunday the 16th of
may 2021
and here it goes so these are the words
i was hearing production
radio towers satellite features
watchmen program new programming
elevation standing towers
line by line step by step ground bases
and bases okay so here we go um
new orleans i heard i could hear the
lord saying new orleans
so i saw new orleans was very vulnerable
she is physically vulnerable due to her
but god was showing me she is vulnerable
due to her sin
god has disciplined her many times in
her past
she was hit with a very large hurricane
hurricane which almost destroyed her
that was her final
warning god is angry over her
ungodly traditions in departing from him
she engages his on engages in unsavory
which is abomination to him
she has given herself up to partying and
fooling around
and it has become her tradition passing
down the generations
god says it is enough she’s in
a danger zone right now says says god
she will not stand for much longer
she is vulnerable to being utterly swept
repent repent god says
for your days are numbered on my
calendar you
are an unprincipled ungodly people
who have no more chastity and no
reverence for me i sensed
just as her land mass sinks down
so she sinks down due to the weight of
her sins
the black community’s ungodless behavior
is rising up before god
they have utter disdain and disregard
for god
repent god says your days are numbered
where is your chastity
you have utterly corrupted yourselves
your foul mouths and your foul thinking
i see it all
and then this song um came to me you
know it’s a popular song
and bye bye miss american pie um
so just have like um look up some of the
words of it because they talk about
levies and stuff so um it’s just a song
that i felt the lord just kind of
brought into my mind so just you can
have a listen to that
so god took out other cities and buried
them in the oceans due
to sin and
so it was that god was revealing this to
me right so i was getting revelations
from the lord so this is um
it’s kind of shifting now that this
message right so god
was just showing me how he buried cities
under the ocean due to sin right
and so i see one city very wealthy in
trade and prestige
buried below the ocean now it could be
atlantis or something like that but god
was kind of just showing me how he’s
george nations in the past
and he and he was the one that buried
them under the ocean
due to sin okay so the lord was
highlighting this to me
so then i hear alaska anchorage in
so anchorage alaska i hear and i see
a large lighthouse white seagulls
desolate i see stormy foamy waters
i hear fault zone and i hear shipping
and i hear shipping lane and then i hear
portland oregon
and i see a tall post like a flag post
and i hear business and i hear traffic
coast traffic and i hear on route
so this is what i received a hub trading
finance affluence rich people
connections from north to south
i felt as you went inland the people
were poorer and not as prosperous
cascadia fault line this divide would
cause a big problem
prevent prosperity to that region
and towards the inland right then i saw
myself going into the ocean
so i think i travel further south
and then i i had a visual i was just
going into the ocean right
i saw myself going into the ocean down a
very large hole in the ocean
and i heard the word ridge and i heard
the word
shelf and i believe god was showing me
that this deep fault line
next to california and i sense
was to the left of this fault line i
heard catacombs
and i was aware that if this fault
should rupture
california would be tipped over into the
like she was on a shelf
now i sense the house of satan
in hollywood and i see a circle
marked out hollywood hollywood hollywood
i was hearing from the from the holy
witchcraft satan’s power base temple of
anton levay it was erected in this
satanic energy arising in this re region
and i see an eye watching
and it’s a green eye
esoteric web of communities and demonic
comes from and is in this area satan is
in this
power base hollywood has a lot to answer
satan’s launching pad to influence the
many celebs got famous through this
spirit of witchcraft
making trade deals with the devil
it has been the devil’s playground
because of these trade deals
and many have died prematurely
it is through witchcraft power that many
got fast wealth and fame
though they did not realize they were
dealing with witches and warlocks
satan is shifting his power now to the
political realm
so this is confirming the other word
that i got
he is infiltrating by tearing down
sovereignty laws and constitutions
it is an onslaught also on civil
liberties so that’s all confirming a
word that i just received in the other
one of the other videos i will bring
heavy judgment to this hollywood region
because of what has been allowed to go
on here
it will be snuffed out my judgments have
already come
blazing fires have come and disrupted
lavish homes some of these fires were
like whirlwinds
the enemy sent them the world will know
my judgments
are in this region this is the region i
will judge
my finger is on you california i will
rip that land apart
it will start with the house of satan
i saw a massive crack tear across
the land and fire was emerging
from underneath repent california your
days are numbered
the fires are just the beginning you are
marked for destruction
you have no idea what you are doing when
you are tampering
with the living god what will happen
in this region will be a shock and a
worse than any of your hollywood movies
for you mocked me laughed at me and
sneered at me in your arrogance
making secret pacts with the enemy did
you not
think that i would call you to account
you shall reap the fruit of your doings
so um that’s what i received
um from the lord so
um i’ll be back on again here with any
other words from the lord
as well so god bless you if you want to
leave any comments
um feel free below um
if you want to engage with me um just
you can just email
me and i’ll put my email below as well
okay you can feel free to do that
god bless you thank you for all your
support my friends please keep me in
and just cover me and with the spirit of
god and his protection
and i hope to be back to you soon god
bless you all bye


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