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God or Money

April 6, 2020
LaTonya Canada-Christ


Proverbs 10:22 The blessing of the Lord makes one rich and He adds no sorrow with it.




Scratch tickets, lottery, bingo Loss of money, loss of trust due to
lying to spouse
Betting, gambling, slot machines Loss of money, breakdown of family,
eviction, worry/ fear
Freebies, homie hook-ups, pilfering Loss of job, credibility
Prostitution, friends’ w/benefits Loss of self-respect, dignity, disease,
violence, shame etc.
Bribes, extortion Forever owned and obligated, fear, lack
peace of mind
Buying stolen items on discount
Thief repays 7 times amount stolen, and
will have their items stolen – sowing and reaping
Taking advantage of the elderly Jail time, loss of trust, broken
Lying to receive social security
Fraud, jail time, waste of time, less
money than what could be earned on the job, accepting the illness
Lying to receive welfare and SNAP
Kicked off the program, jail time, loss
of the benefits, pay back funds
Going to multiple community
back-to-school giveaway events

Wasting, greed, teaching children to
have a poverty mentality, being ungrateful has consequences see
Deuteronomy 28:47
Lying to receive a bigger tax refund Penalties, fines, jail time, pay back
funds, scrutiny of audit, stress, worry
Staying on clock when not working Job loss, disciplinary actions taken,
loss of trust
Knowingly keeping extra change from
Cashiers’ job loss, reap what you
Trusting in credit lines Overextended, stress, penalties,
surcharges, high interest rates

Intentionally racking up credit with
intent to file bankruptcy

Other taxpayers must pay your burden, no
extension of credit for an allotted time, bad credit report

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