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God Can Not Be Put In A Box!

April 16, 2021 8:31 PM

Many are losing the Faith My Children. Many of you who went to Church once a week, before the pandemic; have fallen away; that was all your faith consisted of. These people never read the Bible, prayed to I AM daily, knew their Faith, or spoke from their hearts to the Holy Spirit. These people will fall away like leaves off a tree, when the Fall winds blow. The Great Fall from Grace is here My Children. Your governments have played a game and think the winning cards, are in their hands. I AM will blow them like so much chaff, on My threshing floor, exposing My Harvest Grain. You who know love and serve Me, Be At Peace! The Fallen Ones will be shortly revealed for all to see! The horrors of your fallen world will have their moment of triumph. Do Not Lose Faith! The witchcraft now prevalent in your societies is a test. Do Not Fall For The Great Deception! Where is your God they will shout! I AM here at the door, and will lower My Arm, for all to see. Tremble and flee you Lukewarm, you servants of the evil one. Mercy will now be revealed as a Hammer, as a Rod of Iron. I AM God Almighty, Come Now Or Be Lost Forever!


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