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Give Ear

Dec 17, 2019 2:00 PM
Sanctuary in the Lord

17 December 2019 12:57pm and 18 December at 5:46am

The sheep have succumb to the evil that is all around them they shall say that they know Me but they know Me not. They know not the LORD Almighty. They know not the day that I shall come and sweep them all away. Thus they must come to Me for Words of wisdom this is the only way I will devolve the truth to them.

They want to be told by others what it is they should do and the way in which they should walk though these troubled times that are to come. I will simply say that I will not give you details. I will NOT. You must come to Me for these details. I will show you the Way in which you should walk. I will give details to those that ask.

(Personally I was worried that I did not have enough stored food) You many feel that you do not have enough but what if I am to MOVE YOU from your current location? Why would you need more than I have provided? Would I not give you more if you required MORE? Would I Not? I will give you just what you require, you will starve at some times, there will simply not be food to eat. Thus I will provide in ways you have never seen. NEVER SEEN. These will be miraculous way. Miracles will be seen again because you will cry out to Me just as the Israelites did. You will be together, you will come together and pray to Me for

θεοσεβής 2318 Strong Concordance meaning devout, God-fearing.

(The Lord showed me this word which we really don’t have a good translation in English)

Thus I say to My slaves that they must come to Me and be with Me. They will pray to Me and I will save them from all known evil. Thus you will be with Me in these times. Take heart that you hear only Me and no other as this is a deception of the evil one to lead you astray. Thus test every ‘voice’ that you hear and be on guard that what you hear is of Me and not of the evil ones.

They will lead you astray and away from Me in the last days they will tell you things that are not of Me and My Word. Be on guard. Be warned that the evil comes to deceive and that you will be taken along the broad road if you do not have My Word firmly implanted in your hearts and you may not have it in the physical. Pray to Me and I will cleanse your hearts.

Now this is the Word I say to My servant this day. Jesus of Nazareth the son of the living God.

Isaiah 28:23
Give ye ear, and hear my voice; hearken, and hear my speech.

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