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Further Civil Unrest…. – Jeff Andrews

Further Civil Unrest….

October 25, 2021 10:55 PM
Jeff Andrews

September 21, 2021

I had gone to bed, again quite late in the evening of Sep 20th. After a few hours I received a dream that woke me up and left me awake for the rest of the night. In the dream I was at my office, a government building in the heart of the city of Christchurch, NZ. I was in the boss’s office when suddenly there were a series of four explosions, one after the other, along the length of the building – the last explosion being the largest. When the dust had settled I then became aware of two individuals, both dressed in black, entering the building with firearms. This was enough to jolt me awake at 2am.

My Comment: Initially I thought this linked to impending terrorist activity? I prayed for amplification of this dream for a few weeks seeking to understand if it was the warning of potentially civil unrest (as reported 18th November 2020) or if was something new and potentially more sinister. Morning of October 18th I again prayed for further information related to this dream.

October 19 2021
Again I had gone to bed quite late in the evening of the night before and it wasn’t too long before I was engaged in a dream. The context of this dream; It was a beautiful summer day – blue skies, I was in a long green valley with a very large sports stadium at one end. There was a large crowd watching a sporting event (the details of the crowd ethnicity, makeup etc I have since forgotten as was the sporting event itself). I was sitting up in the grandstand/bleachers when something I was holding fell out of my hand rolled between the seats and fell through a hole in the decking. I don’t recall what it was (could have been a watch, money etc) but it was significant enough for me to go down the grandstand/bleachers to try to retrieve it from the ground. When I got to the bottom and went behind the grandstand I lifted a canvas screen to go under the grandstand/bleachers to recover this object of importance, I was shocked to see rows and rows (well over one hundred) of Olive Drab Army packs lined up meticulously as if ready for individuals to come and put on at a moment’s notice. All the backpacks had the same Red national flag badge on them. I sensed in my spirit that those who were going to use them were nearby. This dream also jolted me awake at almost precisely 2am as well and similarly, left me awake for the rest of the night.

My Comment: I don’t recall seeing anything that would specifically link this dream to NZ, it could have been any western country. I am seeking Gods clarity on the precise meaning – whether it related to an imminent attack, or that an attack would come from within, or whether an attack would come while we were distracted by the pleasures of life I don’t know particularly. Some additional research indicated the Former Soviet Union developed backpack nuclear weapons – I’m unsure if this is related. I would ask that you seek God’s clarity and discernment on these dreams.

God Bless You All
Jeff Andrews

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