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From this point things will ONLY get worse – Tst5

From this point things will ONLY get worse

March 15, 2020

#HouseOfDavid: discussion with Sissy, thus says the Lord in Jesus/Yeshua’s name…

From this point things will ONLY get worse in the world for those bought into the world..for those who are of the remnant/elect, while we will feel the pressure of all that is taking place in the world, we will begin to feel an easing back of worldly stress and will begin hearing the voice of the Lord as clear as day…there will be a lifting of tension over God’s elect which will allow us the strengthened fortitude which is mentioned in the written scriptures as those who dont have faith in the world die of fright..

In a vision, I see a massive flood of judgment waters flooding over the entire spanse of the earth with countless being swept away and drowned in their submission to the world as the elect, the saints and those who will come into the fold whether sooner or later, walk across the surface of the waters as they head for the foundation which has been laid for the new temple of God, the New Jerusalem…

In all of my walk from the point when I was saved, to proceed every one on one moment I have had with our Messiah, I hear the cry of a mourning times passed God had white doves present before Yeshua as a sign of peace and love and covenant brought forth by these endtimes, His movement is proceeded by the cry of the mourning dove as in these times of sorrow, as the elect are freed from the worldly shackles which bind to death, there will occur in the world a massive loss of life without salvation, and that is truest cause to mourn…for every human being lost without salvation, Yeshua weeps…(Tst5)


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