Freedom For Us All! – Ruth Johnson

Freedom For Us All!

Nov 21, 2019, 10:38 AM
Ruth Johnson

Freedom for us all!
Freedom do we call!
The ones who indeed call
It does not include us all,
United States will fall
Over an unbuilt wall
FEMA camps for all!
Human mass extinction,
Drones and killer robots
Dancing down the halls,
Hovering in the air
Photoing us all.
Satan’s halftime ball
Puppets playing football,
He hears every footstep
Of who creeps towards God
And tackles them quite handily,
Breaks apart a family.
Famous football heroes
And the halftime dolls,
Who sometimes break down,
Their programs go all haywire.
The tightrope of the stars,
One side’s ice the other fire.
Freedom for us all!
Freedom from the fall
We are soon to take
If we drop the ball
While we waste our time on football,
Much like ancient Rome,
The walls are falling round us
As is our home,
The one we call free,
Full of brave men
Who fall to their knee
On the football field.
But not to Thee, Lord,
Not to Thee.
They are part of the problem,
I can see,
Causing a distraction
To fool the sea,
The sea of spectators
Seated in their seats.
Whoa! We need less distraction!
It is time to take some action!
Get up off our seats
And fall to our own knees!
Not just for a show
But so Our Lord will know,
We are sincere, we see it clear
We have a long way to go.
Take up hiking!
Find that narrow path!
Stay on it ALL THE WAY!!!

Genesis 19:12-26



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