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Free Fall of America Likened to a Boy

July 28, 2020 4:57 PM

Dream in May 2020

I got this dream about a week before I got the tsunami dream (May 10th) that was posted here titled “Significance of Tsunami Dreams”. I did not post earlier because I thought the warning messages were already overwhelming and mine was not that important. People are made so different by God. Someone out there may need to hear it, not necessary everyone.

In the dream, I saw a young boy fell from a building. Luckily there was a wooden platform a couple of stories below that stopped him. The boy then started climbing up using a chain that tied to the platform leading up to the window of his home. When the boy came back and stood up on the edge of the window, his dad was there inside with his arms stretching forward in straight parallel position. I saw the boy was standing in between his dad’s out-stretched arms, wiggling back and forth. Strangely enough, his dad somehow just let him shake instead of hastening to embrace him like any other dad would do in that situation. I was thinking in the dream why this dad was so mean. Then, all of sudden, the boy fell from the window for the second time. This time, however, there is nothing below the window to stop him. The boy kept falling down and down. Finally, the father jumped from the window in a typical diving position to reach down to his boy. The dream ended.

I immediately understood the spiritual meaning of this dream that God showed to me, thanks for many other prophetic voices God wants me to pay attention and discern.

1. The First Fall

The young boy is America who is much younger than many other nations on the earth. God established it with some serious biblical principles and blessed it with a lot of strength and prosperity. However, this nation falls from clear moral guidelines so badly that majority of the people including many Christians and even the high court boldly justify some of the things like gay marriage, unnecessary divorce, outside-marriage sex, etc. Ironically, it is all done in the name of Freedom, Love and Grace of God. How confused this nation has become!
Now everyone on the earth can literally see America’s fall corporately from the strike of this virus, the judgement tool of God. This is the 1st fall of the boy in the dream.

2. The Second Fall

Like the boy climbing back in the dream, America is trying to find strength to come back with strong economy and power again as we see, for example, the stock market looks like coming out from the bottom but is still kind of shaky. Unfortunately, and sadly, God seems to be mean and is allowing this nation to fall even deeper for the second time into something nobody would like, as being warned by so many voices like McKana, Dana Coverstone, etc., in the body of Christ in these alarming days. God even marked the days of the judgement, as laid out in Dana’s dreams. How much it is like God instructed Noah about the timing the flood would come, ruining the whole earth!

3. The Hope

The good news is God is always good, who will himself come down and meet us and save us just like the dad in the dream jumped out of the window. Isaiah 65’s new earth is looming. The righteous will inherit the land; God is obligated to fulfill his promise. Thank God for His Faithfulness.
“There is time for mourning, there is time for rejoicing.” -Ecclesiastes

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