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significance of tsunami dreams

July 19, 2020 1:01 AM


May 10, 2020 Dream

I received a short tsunami dream unexpectedly. In the dream, I was going to spend a night in a friend’s house near Sacramento, California. I heard someone cried out loud in a terrified voice, ‘It is coming!’. Then I saw a massive tsunami outside the house and the low-pitched sound of the mighty water caused such terror in my heart that I have never experienced. I immediately decided to go back home to take my family and run for our lives. I was urgently praying and planning in my mind where we should go. Lake Tahoe? That is to the east and in very high mountain. Then I saw our city has shallow water in the field. The end of the dream.

Why Tsunami Dreams?

I was appalled by my dream and not 100% sure about its meaning even though I believed for a couple years that God will literally allow the tsunami to ruin some places to demonstrate his power and anger. Tsunami dreams are so common among us Christians these days.

1. What is God really trying to say to us?
2. Is it going to be literally the tsunami destruction that God wants to carry out?

The revelation and understanding came to my mind one day when I was joyfully praising and worshipping Him in a beautiful place outside.

• Symbolic representation of Noah’s flood
• A Massive destruction of the whole earth is unavoidable.

God specifically chooses to show tsunami in our dreams in order to let us understand the destruction won’t be simply normal disasters that come and go. It will be worldwide total devastation just like Noah’s flood. Everything that is shakable is going be shaken. That is why He shows us very tall tsunami, covering New York, California, east coast, west coast and even all America and all over the world seen by this dear brother or that dear sister. (It is awesome that those dear children of God faithfully reporting our Father’s message!) Since God promised He would not use flood to destroy the earth again, this time it would be a series of destructive events combined such as plague, earthquake, war, etc. These are also the fire of God, symbolic of His burning anger. That is why God has been sending earthquakes, virus, civil unrest, famine dreams to us as well. The tsunami dreams stand out because of its spiritual significance rooted in Noah’s flood.

Let’s agree with God on his agenda even though the destruction is not a pleasant thing. What is going to happen afterwards?

He will build a new earth immediately after destroying the old. Then his chose ones or the remnant will live for hundreds of years like enduring trees in the brand-new earth under new heavens. God himself vividly described how people will live in his new earth. I have been feeling for a couple of years that some of us will probably see it happen with our own eyes just like Noah who escaped the destruction and safely landed on a new earth.

“See, I will create
new heavens and a new earth…
be glad and rejoice forever
in that which I create;
for behold, I create Jerusalem a rejoicing,
and her people a joy.
I will rejoice in Jerusalem,
and be glad in my people;
Never again will there be in it
an old man who does not live out his years;
the one who dies at a hundred
will be thought a mere child;
the one who fails to reach a hundred
will be considered accursed…
For as the days of a tree,
so will be the days of my people;
my chosen ones will long enjoy
the work of their hands.”Isaiah 65

The old earth must be destroyed before the Lord creates the new one. But why now? Jesus’ own words provide a fantastic clue.

“And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations; and Jerusalem shall be trodden down by the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.”Luke 21:24

We are living in an unprecedented era because God miraculously established Israel after a very long waiting period of time. The standing of Jerusalem serves as a huge sign, showing the times of the Gentiles is being fulfilled in our time according to Jesus!

If the times of Gentiles are fulfilled, it is time for God to do something new. God spoke through Isaiah that He will create not only Jerusalem but also a new earth. The creation of Jerusalem and new earth are tied to each other! When God’s people see Jerusalem is restored, we should understand that a new earth is on the horizon. God is doing a marvelously new thing! Who can believe it? Glory to God!

The tsunami dreams that so many dear brothers and sisters have been seeing for many decades speak a trumpet-loud message about what God was going to do. Now we start seeing it! This pandemic that we are now in has already been shaking all the nations on the earth and the crisis is still deepening in every area of human life. God is seriously testing everyone. Praise God that Jesus is capable to make us walk on the mighty waters when we fix our eyes solely on Him with child-like faith!

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