For a Time – Ruth Johnson

For a Time

Nov 2, 2019, 10:32 PM
Song by Ruth Johnson
For a time I did not know You,
For a time I did not care,
If I were to turn around
And find You were not there.
For a time I washed my face,
Then looked into the mirror,
I only saw my haunted eyes
Before You were here.
For a time I wondered,
Then came a time I knew,
All the time in trouble,
Then the trouble grew.
There came a time of penance,
A time of solitude,
And then a time of joy,
For I finally knew You.
Do not ever leave me,
Do not ever go,
Where I may not follow,
High road or low.
It is time to travel
In our finest clothes,
Extra oil in our bottles,
Our lamps light the way we go.
It will be a solemn hike,
So much left behind,
A new world awaits us,
For a time,
For a time.
Please join the procession,
For time will soon be gone,
We will only have forever,
But for a time we can move on.
Through the Valley of Decision
And out the other side,
Sea waves parted for us,
Or crushed in the tide.
Please choose wisely,
Walk through on dry land,
Let’s not find your chariot
Buried in the sand!
Please choose swiftly,
The hourglass is draining,
The seas will only be restrained
For a time,
For a time.

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