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Flash Visions

June 20, 2020
Cal Parkdein

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Lord uses unique ways to bless each of us and give us unique gifts as his perfect wisdom dictates.

About 10 years ago, the Lord started giving me what I call “Flash Visions”. They are visions that appear to me when I am awake, and are usually very detailed and sometimes frightening. But they only last 1-2 seconds. That’s it. It took me quite a few of these before I realized what was happening, and that they were from the Lord.

They almost never have anything to do with what I’ve been doing or thinking about. My first response is almost always, “What the heck? What was that?” Sometimes they contain things I never knew about until I go find them on the internet, and that shows that they are real and are not from me.

After I get them, I usually pray and meditate about them until the Lord tells me what they mean. Sometimes I don’t know, so I ask my brothers and sisters to pray for interpretation.

Today, I had three. All maybe a minute apart. I think I should share these.

1st Vision: I saw a drinking cup, sitting in a water shoe. Okay, why would anyone see that?? After some prayer and reflection I think it may mean water will soon be something you don’t just have in your house…YOU HAVE TO GO FIND IT.

2nd Vision: I saw a large, wooden, ornate flagpole which bore a black-and-white checkered flag. But not just the flag was black-and-white checkered, the entire, huge flagpole was as well! What an odd thing!

I thought and reflected and decided to get on the internet and see what that flag meant. Well, if you’re reading this and you know anything about NASCAR or auto racing you can clearly see that I DON’T! Not only did I not know what that flag meant, but I didn’t even know there was a flag system that they use in auto racing at all! And please correct me if I got it wrong, but it means THE RACE HAS BEEN WON!!

Now is that an encouraging word from the Lord or not??!! Wow! He used a flash vision of something I didn’t even know existed to say, “I have overcome the world”. As you know, the full quote from Jesus is, “In this world you will have persecution, but take comfort: I have overcome the world.” (Past tense; it’s done!)

3rd Vision: I saw a row of rifles on a rack and I saw hands going down the line and putting them all on “safe”, every one of them. (If you don’t know about guns, that means they can’t accidentally fire and injure or kill someone.)

Given interpretation is that Jesus is even now systematically preparing for the safety of all his servants as we we move into these troubled and chaotic times.

I was so encouraged by these I knew they weren’t just for me but for all of God’s children today in Christ.

FOOTNOTE: I also get “flash sound bites”, for lack of a better term. Today was an eventful day; I had two of these today. First was “…it rarely rains…” (see 1st vision above), and more ominously “…the government has turned itself in…” (see dream from Sammy from Kenya on this very site.)

The times are troubled. But God is amazing.

Cal Parkdein


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