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Warning to Kenya 2 – Sammy Omosh

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Warning to Kenya 2

June 18, 2020 2:18 PM
Sammy Omosh

I must warn if you are a kenyan and scoff and mock at this message – buy yourself sneakers you will use to run mileages equivalent to a marathon race, train in martial arts and emulate jackie chan who can fight with 50 guys, chop them down while standing on a stool, catching arrows with hands and biting bullets with the mouth.

Oh boy i will walk next to you during the scenes i mentioned 4 days ago,


if i were to walk in the flesh!!! Many men of God in this land would not have guts to post what iam about to say. Your churches have been closed for a long time and you are missing the offering so much courtesy of a virus! What is about to hit the land – will lead to a second closure of all sectors, even if you were to open!!

On 25th march 2020, in an early morning dream, i saw military landrovers /lorries doing patrol. Suddenly i found myself on a major highway and on both sides of the road was a tea plantation. This town is known for producing tea for export to global tea mark ets. I was running away from the military and one of their vehicles gave me a chase! I hid in a near by bulding but was caught and handcuffed (This is what is likely to happen in this vicinity, as well as neighbouring ones)

Today, i woke up at 1.30am.I read the entire book of joel – 3chapters, repented and went back to sleep, i didn’t want to ask the lord to show me anything he may want me to know. When i did that 4 days ago it resulted in that hard message to kenya. I thought i had ducked the master of the universe, the lily of the valley and rose of sharon!

To my surprise the lord gave me a dream – i saw saw many military officers probably Gsu and many police men in Nairobi(probably the 3rd time iam seeing this!) They were manning Ngong road and jogoo road. There were many road blocks than normal between City centre and where i reside. You had to show your papers eg identification papers, before you are allowed to pass both pedestrians and motorists I remember it got so tough to pass thro one particular road block and i told the officers i work for the government, and they let me pass!

[In real life i do. Remember when there is mayhem, chaos, anarchy, and riots in the streets and residential places and you hide in mtaros, and bushes, you will not be able to eat 3 square meals, enjoy a bath, sleep peacefully at night, travel domestically and already, no going to Church, school, work, no hanging out, going to your favorite mall for shopping, eating pizza, chips etc, You will not be able to access banking services, and probably run out of credit for your phone (you will miss communicating and browsing). To do a parting shot on the last segment of the dream.]

Finally, i felt tired, sat at a place with a few guys and then came the mother of all breaking news in 40 years!

[This goes out to 47 million kenyans. Iam not mad, berserk, lunatic and i took only tea b4 i slept. I have not lost it, but i have found it through divine revelation given by a loving Father. It is neither a sedition nor libel against the government. If you doubt ask God to confirm this message to you.]

The breaking news I woke up to in the dream today the 18th of june 2020 at 5.30am is :THERE HAS BEEN A COUP/CHANGE IN GOVERMENT. Only national repentance can change this. As iam getting these revelation and writing this iam over 400km from Nairobi.



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