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Warning dream for Kenya – Sammy Omosh

Warning dream for Kenya

June 14, 2020 2:37 AM
Sammy Omosh

I am writing this with an exremely heavy heart. I had resolved early this year that i will not post any dream /vision concerning end time events. This is because i feel there have been numerous warnings from the watchmen all over the globe, and most of the time what i read on this site, has been well captured by others and i will consider it repetitive.

However in the last few months i have seen dreams of chaos in Nairobi, involving huge gigantic fires on the streets and residential estates. In the scenario i saw people running for their lives, jumping thro smaller flames, running away from humongous flames. In a different scene i was resting outsi de a house and suddenly an arrow landed near my feet and i rushed inside the house and hid under the Bed in total silence. I then saw heavily armed people ransacking the house and one flushed me out of my hiding place and i woke up!

Today the 14th of June 2020, I woke up from a dream at 5.57am in which i saw an apartment on fire, with people crying out to salvage their property eg clothes on the lines which were dripping with water etc. I saw people running to hide in trenches (we call them mtaro here in kenya.) I again saw arrows flying in the air, and one landed next to me(home made arrows) i ran to hide in a mtaro. The events started suddenly and people were caught offguard on the material day.

I remember discussing bible prophecy with a person i introd uced to this site who is catholic, when these events begun! These events are a replica of events of 2007 and which may be worse in magnitude and may happen Soon! Iam in the secret place repenting not praying! Don, t be distracted by false prosperity, false grace, your tribal mask, political inclination!

Please be repentant in your heart and ask for mercy or else one of these days just ahead of us, you will wake up to this – anybody ever watch those Vietnam, Saigon movies-combat movies i watched in high school.

Remember George Floyd set America on fire. I Don, t know what will set kenya on fire, especially if the clergy and sheep remain aloof. I have relayed the information and kept nothing back – a sigh of relief to me! Blessings.

Bro sammy.


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