Finished WORK OF CHRIST not your works – 278pikelk

Finished WORK OF CHRIST not your works- 278pikelk

Published August 27, 2018

[Barb] Hi guys, it is August 27th, 2018. I’m going to link a couple videos from a channel: it’s Renee Rolland. And the Lord had it heavy on my heart this morning. I saw a couple videos. I don’t think that it’s good for new believers, when they learn that they’re supposed to make a list at the end of the day of all their sins, and say that they’re sorry for everything they did. Because first of all, they wouldn’t even know what they did. They’ll know some of the more overt ones, but they’re not going to know the sins that they don’t even recognize as sin. Plus, you know what? We are sin, because we are in a corrupt and under-the-curse body or flesh. So, “repent” means a change of mind. And it means a change of mind to recognize the fact that we are sin and we are corrupt, and that our Savior saves us from this, and that we will be in new bodies and reconciled to our Creator. But we’re still – as long as we’re walking on this Earth – in our flesh bodies. We’re still in corrupt, sinful flesh. I think Renee’s channel explains this in such a way that I’m just going to put the links to some of her videos, and then I pray that you guys will sub to her channel, because she teaches truth. She rightly divides scripture. For those people who have just become born again, who have just become saved…I just think it’s so important that they understand the true gospel. Because otherwise they’re going to be focused on their sin, and not focused on the finished work of Jesus. So that’s it for today. I pray that you will go to her channel and listen to her teachings. And if anyone else has any other people that preach the true, pure, simple gospel, and not these Lordship Salvationists that just constantly preach that it’s by our own righteousness and not Christ’s finished work. It’s just sad to me that there’s so many being led down this path, that we can somehow sanctify ourselves and that we can somehow “be good,” we can “be good” our way to heaven. Why would we have to “be good” our way into heaven if Jesus finished the work on the cross? Am I promoting sin? By no means. But you can only become only to God’s standard by receiving Jesus in your heart, and the Holy Spirit working within you to set the good works of Him before you, and not your own good works. Okay guys. I love you guys. I’ll put the links in the comments.

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