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FAMINE * WAR * DEATH ~ Are you in ME so I can protect and lead you? – Angela Lynne

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FAMINE * WAR * DEATH ~ Are you in ME so I can protect and lead you?


August 2, 2022 11:19 AM
Angela Lynne

June 25, 2022

Received during morning prayer time on June 23, 2022 Daughter, I have a message for all the people of the earth. Great catastrophes on the horizon. I have spoke, warned, of this many times before. My people, you see all the tricks and plans of the enemy. They will prevail for a short time. Are you prepared? Are you securely set / situated on the Rock and under My wings of protection. Your lifestyle..actions..will determine this and give you a good clue if you are or not. Are you aligned with My WORD, My spirit, My commandments? Or are you living your own way saying, “I will change later.” The hour is so much later than you realize. I have said this so many times through My prophets and watchman. I want My people on their faces seeking Me for My instructions in humble repentance with a contrite heart. It is in My Word. Now is not the time to be slack… to procrastinate. WAR WAR WAR FAMINE DEATH STARVATION This is what happens when a nations turns against Me. It is all in My Word. Written down for all to read, but so few have and many that have are not discerning by My spirit. Captivity comes But My own I will Protect and lead and provide for. Now Ask yourself Again. Are you truly in Me? This is more than just saying My name or My son’s name. It is more than saying I love Jesus / Yahushua. There is false love. There is a false holy spirit. Satan has a counterfeit for everything. Are you trusting in man, church, leadership more than Me. Making them idols? YEA, I say many of you are. Turn back to your first Love. Study My Word to show yourselves approved. Walk out your salvation with fear and trembling. Once Saved Always Saved is a LIE TURN BACK TO ME NOW AND IF YOU TOOK ANY OF THE SNAKE BITES, REPENT QUICKLY! I will have MERCY on you and heal you. Those who have not, PRAY and cry / weep for the others for ME to move on their heart lest they be damned. Lost for eternity. My Arms are wide open to receive them back. They know not what they have done. Forgive them. Do not condemn them. Lead them to truth ME. Direct them to truth. PRAY for Me to show them. My heart is that not one would perish. GREAT IS MY MERCY ABOUNDING IN LOVE COME BACK TO ME NOW COME BACK TO ME MY PEOPLE so I can lead and protect you. As I told My daughter, I will forgive 100x infinity. There is no limit. It is never too late if you feel Me tugging on your heart. I will not condemn you, but convict you to lead to repentance and lead to righteousness. THE ROCK OF AGES

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May Father God YHWH bless & protect you & your entire family/household in Jesus / YAHushua name, Amein!


Angela Lynne ~

Photos courtesy Depositphotos

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