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explosions and screams of pain were everywhere – Corey Skaggs

explosions and screams of pain were everywhere

March 5, 2018 1:30 AM
Corey Skaggs

DREAM OR VISION JESUS CHRIST GAVE ME ABOUT 3 YRS AGO. Hello my name is corey skaggs. I am from Greenville tx. I felt like the Lord told me now would be a good time to tell people about a vision or dream He has given me about 3 yrs ago. No one knows about it except my mom and brothers. But now I feel like the Lord wants me to start telling it. Well about 3 yrs. Ago I had a 1 week paid vacation. So I took my car and went to west Virginia to visit my old childhood friends and some family. I stayed for a week at my friends house. We had fun little bit driving around the old town I used to live in when I was a kid. Well one night I think it was in the middle of the week I slept on the couch while everybody else was upstairs. I was so tired I fell asleep hard it seemed because see I don’t usually sleep hard because I usually have problems staying asleep. Lol body always seems to not want to sleep but for some reason this time I was out like a light bulb lol. Well here’s what happened I awoke somehow standing in a big city on the street what seemed to be in the middle of the day and as I consciously recocnised it was day time seeing the sky scrapers around me I started feeling the ground thump hard and what sounded like thousands of giant bees fly towards us but you couldnt see them yet because of the sky scraper. Then loud boom noises started accruing and women men and children I started hearing people scream all over with terror as they were what seemed liked running in all directions everywhere. They were so loud you could actualy here people in emence pain with those type of screams every whare. Then I started hearing these loud whistles right before hurting my ears explosions with the sounds of giant bees now right on top of us. Then I remember looking up and began to see what I thought was giant bees. Was multitudes of Russian and Chinese small fighter jets and large bombers dropping huge bombs over the city I was in. Then I began to feel the fear of invasion. As I was looking up I could see the falling bombs hit these buildings and then what seemed after that was great explosions of blood fire and rubble falling down to the city streets. I felt like terror was here and I don’t know if it was a dream or vision but my heart felt like it was coming out of my chest. I began to fill the extreme pain and sorrow of people dying who did not know Jesus while loud booms explosions and screams of pain were everywhere. Then right in front of me a bomb fell close to my feet. As my heart was coming out of my chest what seemed forever I stared at that bomb waiting for it to explode. When I seen it was maybe a dud. i reached for it and as soon as I did that with my heart pounding. I woke up for some reason on the floor not in the couch face down crying my head off because I had tears all over my face and extreme sorrow deep in my soul for the people who went through this terrible thing. So after getting my composer back which was hard I prayed and Jesus literly told me to not say anything about it till now. So now He has told me to go ahead and tell people the HE JESUS CHRIST IS COMING SOON PLEASE BE READY FOR HIM. LET HIM CATCH YOU DOING HIS WORK. So there’s my vision or dream I had about 3 yrs ago or less. Love all of yall. P.s. Jesus loves you and He’s waiting for you to call to Him.

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  1. Jacob

    I’ve had a similar dream about fighter jets and large jet bombers flying head over my home dropping bombs. I had this dream back in September 2019 and I remember that it was wet and cold outside when it happened. There were also fire works going off right before it happened and I was given symbolism in the dream that indicated that the enemy would be using dirty bombs and radioactive/ Nuclear weapons as well.

  2. Sally

    Your dream is just like mine. 😊 God has us in His FOG…and so many will die..yet so many will become His.
    Sally from Henderson County Texas.

  3. Maria PIlar Boylen

    I also had a dream like that in November 2019! may God have mercy on us, we need to stay praying constantly…I sometimes try to imagine the horror and how I pray GOD gives me the peace to be able to not freak out…I see myself on my knees praying…He will tell us where to go and when…God bless you all!

  4. David Mehew

    I only seem to have dreams combining the events of my everyday life. Layered on top seems to be a very short “movie” inccluding events for the next few weeks. I’ll have the feeling of having seen or experienced them previously, sometimes to the point of knowing what people will say or do. I’ve only haf a few visions which seem to come irregardless of any sin or unbelief. I saw God once on a white horse (this lasted approximately 3-4 seconds) He wore a glistening robe which reflected different colors. He had an aura which let you know beyond any doubt that he was the Almighty. I believe we don’t really have the relationship with him that he desires (him as Father)

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