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Sep 28, 2019, 9:17 PM
Judy Reynolds

After reading per the Holy Spirit Exodus Ch 40, then Exodus 3, then Ch 40 again, I was in praise and worship, then read Acts Ch 19, the Lord spoke to me and I wrote this message down; some of this is personal and only one part have I ommitted. This was on 9/1/19. I knew from the Lord as of last week that He wanted me to send this word out, and there are a few very strong dreams God has given as well.

Here is the Word God spoke to me at 1:40 PM, September 1, 2019.

“There will be another Exodus of My people-OUT of the Babylonian system as in Exodus, and My people will then be given specific instructions as Moses was given and the people will need to obey each instruction in full.

The goddess of Diana and the image of Jupiter (from Acts 19) is likened unto your day as well. My people MUST obey Me at all costs now. Millions of peoples lives are at stake now, you must now stand in the hedge, in the gap for those souls who know not that their destruction is at the door, a wicked people, a wicked time cometh. THIS year! Not next Be “at the ready” NOW, to make decisions based only upon My WORD, My VOICE, My WAYS. Egypt or America or “the system, wicked matrix of the world” CANNOT and WILL NOT save you, or anyone.

FULL DESTRUCTION is on it’s way! From above (not My realm of Heaven) and from below, from within the earth. Wake up My precious one, and gird up thy loins, purify thy mouth and soul by My Word and My Holy Fire. NOW is the time to obey “every tittle” of My VOICE! The Holy Spirit shall lead thee, you must believe this!

Thy calling-make it sure. Will I not make thee “adequate” as I have made all of my servants adequate, for your task is at hand as I did them for their tasks at hand. BELIEVE in ME,in My WORD, My HOLY POWER and My defeat of ALL evil! I AM with thee! I alone can and will strengthen thee!

Obey ME first, lose yourself to MY Love for the lost and wounded, and you will also know My great love for thyself.

Beloved of Mine,
Look unto ME! Look up! I AM HERE WITH YOU!

Scriptures besides Exodus Ch 40, Ezekiel 11, Amos 9:8, Psalm 108, Psalm 107: 41,42 and 43.

May the love of our Lord Jesus Christ strengthen you.

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  1. Frank

    I only have a smartphone so every morning I put these on a voice reader and listen to them every morning and throughout the day and when it first started immediately Ezekiel 37 and 36 popped into my head however 37 is about God raising us out of the graves cleansing us giving us a new heart and a new spirit so that we can walk in his laws and keep his Commandments Ezekiel 36 I think is about the beginning of that where he initiates He’s going to personally gather us from all the nations in which we were scattered all over the world and still are to this very day and personally lead us back to Israel . That sounds exactly like what this prophecy is making reference to

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