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Victoria Ang


This evening while getting my animals food for dinner and tidying things in the kitchen. I was praying in the Spirit as usual. And all of a sudden I heard the Lord say” WE ARE NOW ONE”! So I waited a little to see if he wanted to share something else but I didn’t hear anything. So I asked him what he meant by telling me that. And He replied” YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS AS I STRENGTHEN YOU”!!! …..

I then received a vision of a chess board all set up……and saw two people sitting ready to start .

Interpretation :

All Gods plans are now in place as he has orchestrated . Things will NOW PLAY OUT!!!

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  1. KarenO

    Victoria, Thank you for the chess analogy! It is a game I used to play constantly in High School, & love to watch, as I always like to see if the move I would make is the one the Grandmaster chooses!

    That old devil may think he’s got the smarts to beat our Lord at chess – Not!

  2. McKana

    John 17:21-22
    21 That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.
    22 And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one:

    John 17. Good to read, the last prayer of Jesus for us. I always read and hear John 17.

    Thank you. It is time to be one with our Lord and our Father as the Lord gave you.
    Everything has time and this is the time.

    God bless you.

  3. Christine

    That’s really encouraging! Thank you very much for sharing. I’m so desperately waitinng for redemption. I’m almost losing all faith, because my great misery and persecution never stops. I’ve heard so many times NOW Jesus comes, NOW is the turnaround, NOW the testing is over. And then came more suffering and persecution, pain and destruction of my body and soul. I can barely hope any longer, that Jesus would ever come to rescue me. I’m very very afraid that this undescribable suffering will go on for years. I don’t know if any body feels the same.The enemies attacks are relentless, the suffering unbearable, and for years I’m hearig things like the bride has made herself ready, be prepared!, be ready! Jesus comes NOW, etc. and NOTHING ever happened but the most severe persecution, torture and torment. I’m at the very end of myself, the persecution so heavy, there is no way out. I don’t know how much longer I can persevere and endure these great afflictions any more. God bless everyone

  4. Rodney

    Thank you im looking forward for a soon rapture , God revealed he’s coming on June 7th, which should be the actual date of Pentecost for this year. I pray he does

  5. Kristin


    Those that endure and suffer the most will have the greatest rewards in the end dear sister. Hold on forever if you have to, it will be well worth it! Our Groom will reward us in ways we can’t even fathom. The first will be last and the last will be first. One day He WILL come get us and it will be over, all the suffering, all the pain will be over forever and we won’t even remember this short span of time . We will be one with our beloved King for all eternity, just hold on sister hold on. Keep praying! Don’t lose hope! Don’t give up! He is not a man that He would lie.The best is yet to come!!! God Bless!!

  6. Christine, I many times feel the very same way. I get very weary with the attacks and I hesitate to take a deep breath and say whew.. this is it I don’t have to do this anymore, because more attacks come! Had one last night and yesterday- then, I hear from others that we have many months to go and we will see much more difficult things. I usually settle back into a place of SIGH.. your will be done LORD. If you want me on this earth, give me the strength to endure.

  7. KarenO

    Oh, Christine, I hope you will feel better quickly! Please do not focus on these things, but only take the warning to heart.

    Remember His promise,”if those days had not been cut short, no one would survive.” (Matthew 24:22)

    It is no wonder He patiently waited. I’m tired of all the bad news too…[ALREADY??!!]

    But, for us, it must be a “letting go.” When people are ready to pass over, they let you know in some way.

    “I don’t think it’ll be much longer. He’s coming for me.” We need to echo that. We need to say, “Give me strength, Lord, to joyfully see the bright hope ahead.” (Yes, I adapted the line from one of my favorite hymns)

    Unfortunately, the prophecies – if it is that day coming, give fair warning that we will see more.

    Fortunately – if it is that day coming, He will not tarry, because he knows that even if we pray for our brothers & sisters to survive the sensory onslaught of bad news, the little we do see & hear will make it seem too hard to put one foot in front of the other.

    Join with me, dear sister, let us pray together.
    We’ll turn off the bad news, and shut down social media. There is nothing there but angst & anger.

    Thank You, Lord, that You are our future, You are our savior. You will come for us sooner than we think. You know that we’ll beg to see You now but we will wait for that blessed day.

    We will find our quiet place in You, knowing that the news is hard. For those who do not have You, please send someone to hold them up and care for them. Please let Your grace shine through the trouble, and let those people see the wonderful blessing You’ve bestowed in our collective losses. Open their eyes, Lord, & let them see You in every situation.

    Keep us praying Lord. Let us go to sleep with Your Name on our lips in prayer, & let us wake up with Your Name in our praise. In Jesus’ Name we pray…

    Show us Your power of prayer!

    Blessings, Christine. I’ve not put an ‘Amen’ on that prayer, because I see your angst amplified, with hundreds of people all over the world feeling the exact same way. I cannot rush to your side(s) with a hug, but I can surely pray, & keep on praying for your safety.

  8. KarenO

    Joining all of you in prayer!

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