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E-A-R-T-H-Q-U-A-K-E – Averine Pennington



October 1, 2021 6:49 PM
Averine Pennington


I ‘experienced’ this dream on Monday morning, September 27th. The dream is as follows:

My husband and I were driving in his red truck along a coastal highway that ran along the perimeter of a steep cliff. There was a short barrier that provided some safety to keep vehicles from falling off the cliff into the ocean below. The road was very narrow, and I felt if we got any closer to the barrier we would be scraping the paint off the truck. Very scary! As we finally reached our destination which looked like a 5-star hotel, my husband had a fender-bender by slightly rear-ending another small car that was parked in the un-loading zone. He proceeded to go into the lobby to see if he could locate the owner of the vehicle to take care of that matter. I saw no reason to sit in the truck to wait for him, so I also went into the lobby several minutes later.

I looked around the huge, elegant lobby but did not see my husband anywhere. What I did see is some sort of ‘craft fair or gift bazaar’ being held in a banquet area off to one side. I decided to occupy my time while waiting for my husband by browsing through this bazaar. One display that caught my attention was a very large punch bowl on a high pedestal. Perhaps the size of something used at a wedding reception, but I had never seen a punch bowl that enormous. It covered nearly the whole table surface. Two ladies were putting the finishing touches on the display, but they were adding a last-minute touch to the bowl. All around the top of the outer rim of the bowl, they were brush-painting a decorative border using a shimmering gold paint. One lady was on a stepstool using a brush to paint the rim, while the other lady held the container with the paint up close enough to be reached by the brush. I’m not sure what happened . . . whether the lady fell from the stool and her brush splattered, or the other lady accidentally dropped the paint container . . . but in the next instant I was covered with ‘shimmering gold paint.’ Evidently, my husband and I must have been staying at that hotel, because I proceeded to our room situated on one of the higher floors to clean myself up.

I walked into our room and started taking off my clothes to enter the shower. I found it strange that I was wearing a nice floral print dress with a flared skirt that was belted at the waist and high heeled shoes. We must have just attended a special event somewhere because in real life I almost never wear dresses. (I am a jeans & T-Shirt kind of gal.) I suddenly realized that my husband had no idea where I was, so I started looking for my cell phone to let him know what had happened and where I was. For the life of me, I could not find my phone. However, I did find a small gray shoulder bag about the size of wallet. Inside I found an old flip-phone that no longer worked. (????) I was still looking for my phone when I started to hear a rumbling noise, sort of like thunder in the distance. I thought a storm might be brewing and we were going to get some rain, but then the light fixture started to slightly sway. Within seconds, I heard this unbelievably loud thunderous roar and the entire building began to sway back and forth so badly that I could not keep my balance. This was no tremor or tiny rumble! This was an EARTHQUAKE of immense magnitude! I glanced outside the window. Our room was on a floor above the top of the trees. I watched in amazement as the trees below appeared to be ‘walking.’ There were many trees of several kinds, but lots of palm trees as you might find on a tropical island or near the coast. The sound intensified, so loud now that I thought my ear drums might burst. It was fierce! I saw most of the trees, not all, disappear completely . . . swallowed up by the earth. I was thrown to the floor, trying to hold on to something solid as the building creaked and swayed even more erratically. I feared the entire hotel was going to crumble into a heap with me in it!

Just as suddenly as the quake had started, all became quiet and still. Frantically, I reached for a white bath robe to cover myself. I heard voices in the hallway so I ran to the door of my room expecting to find the worst yet hoping it may be my husband who had somehow found me and come to my rescue. I hesitantly opened the door and peered into the hallway. I was shocked to find nothing amiss. People were coming and going in the hallway as if nothing at all had happened. A couple in tropical attire had just exited the elevator and were looking at me with shock and concern. They asked if I was okay. I’m sure I was a sight. I probably looked like a crazy lady with eyes glazed over in terror, wearing nothing but a bathrobe and covered in shimmering gold paint. End of dream.


I woke up from this dream with my entire body physically shaking and trembling from the inside out! It took a few minutes for me to calm myself down.

I have sat on this dream a few days, seeking the Lord’s will concerning it. Many prophetic words and dreams concerning earthquakes have been given already, so I debated whether I should post yet another. I have not been given an interpretation from the Holy Spirit regarding this dream. As mentioned before, I usually only receive ‘puzzle pieces.’ Perhaps the pieces given to me are only meant to confirm messages given to others. It is not my desire to try to interpret this dream. Please take everything written here to the Lord in prayer. Ask the Holy Spirit for understanding and how this dream may be intended to speak to your own heart. It is with trepidation that I even share the following understandings which have been given to me.

First puzzle piece . . . I do not believe the location of this dream was a tropical island. The earthquake occurred on the coast of the continental USA. If it had been on an island, we would not have been driving our own personal vehicle but would have flown to our destination. My best guess would be southern California. I researched pictures of coastal highways on both the Pacific and the Atlantic side of the US and the cliffs along the Pacific Coast Highway look almost exactly like what we drove on in this dream.

Another reason I believe it is California is because I recently posted a dream titled “Golden Spoons, Broken Ladder & ‘BELL’ TRAIN CARS???” in which I was led to the route of the final excursion of the Liberty Bell when it toured the US in 1915. That trip celebrated the completion of the Panama Canal and commemorated the rebuilding of San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake. An excerpt from that dream follows: “The bell traveled down through California’s central valley to San Diego and Los Angeles before making its return trip to Philadelphia. Because of worry of future cracking . . .” I had a ‘check’ in my spirit while typing that line back on September 19th. The thought crossed my mind even then that perhaps the Holy Spirit was somehow linking the ‘worry of future cracking in the Liberty Bell’ to the ‘future cracking of California.’ I am convinced there must be a reason I was given a dream that included something about ‘BELL’ TRAIN CARS. That historical event is something that would NEVER HAVE EVEN CROSSED MY MIND, not in a million years. It was a puzzle piece the Holy Spirit wanted me to have. I believe that piece from the previous dream fits right next to the puzzle pieces of this current dream.

There are other insights to be gleaned from this dream. The punch bowl receiving finishing touches by being further adorned as for a wedding reception, the shimmering gold paint that made my body shine, the white robe I put on to cover myself, the trees ‘walking’, even the separation from my husband. All these puzzle pieces are significant. I don’t know why I could not find my cell phone and then found an old non-working flip-phone instead. Perhaps it has something to do with a lack of communication when such an event does occur, or it could have something to do with letting go of the old and moving forward to the new. It may have been an encouragement to TRUST GOD ALONE during the trying times that are to come and not rely on men’s devices. We must learn to listen only to His voice and no other. At one point, I was looking for something solid and stable to hold on to. When all else is sinking sand, Jesus Christ our Lord is our SURE FOUNDATION, OUR SOLID ROCK!

The fact that when I opened the door to my room after ‘experiencing’ what should have been a catastrophic event, and everything outside my room remained normal, leads me to believe I was given a warning of a future event that WILL HAPPEN! I know this is not new information. The ‘BIG ONE’ (earthquake) has been predicted by many people for many, many years. So much so that I believe people have become numb to the warnings. This is a wake-up call to the scoffers and mockers. Beware! God’s judgments are upon us. See the previous paragraph! Each of these puzzle pieces speak in one way or another to the timeframe we are living in.


It’s time for a wedding feast! It’s time for us to SHINE! The Bride is being made ready and clothed in white raiment! It’s time for those who are BLIND to be made whole! If your vision is still blurred so that you see men as ‘trees walking,’ you may need yet another touch from the Master’s hand to see clearly (Mark 8:23-25). May your testimony be as the Apostle Paul’s, “I WAS BLIND BUT NOW I SEE!” In the continuing verses of Mark, Jesus asked His disciples, “Whom do men say that I am?” Immediately afterwards, He asked of them a more personal question. It’s time for YOU to answer that same personal question that Christ asked His disciples, “WHOM SAY YE THAT I AM?”

It’s time, California . . . REPENT, REPENT, REPENT! Fall on your knees! As the people of Nineveh repented from the king down to the lowliest servant; likewise, California . . . from the high and lofty men presiding in your statehouse to the lowliest homeless person on your streets . . . ask God for forgiveness. Turn from your iniquities. What I experienced in the dream shared above was just a dream. It was not a prophetic word of “Thus saith the Lord” or I did not receive it as such. It is a warning! In the dream, a few of the trees remained, but the majority were swallowed up by the earth. California, you have a choice to make. If you choose to remain in darkness, and refuse (corporately) to acknowledge your God, you run the risk of much death and destruction. Perhaps the best you can hope for would be for God to lessen your calamity on behalf of those who belong to Him in your state and are praying to stand in the gap for you. If you choose to heed God’s warning, perhaps He will turn away His fierce anger against California. Perhaps He will see your works (your change of heart) if you turn from your evil ways. In the case of Nineveh, God repented of the evil that He had said that He would do unto them; and HE DID IT NOT. Place your hope in our gracious and merciful God. He will have mercy on whom He will have mercy!

Yours for the Harvest


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Repentance/God’s Mercy – Jonah chapter 3, Luke 13:5, Rom. 9:15-18

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