Dull December – Sammy Omosh

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Dull December

November 29, 2022 8:28 AM
Sammy Omosh

On 20/7/22 at night the Lord presents to me this person as the one to steer the country.Election comes and this person is elected to office contrary to all prophecies and Expectations.The first week of September22 after swearing in,in a night vision i hear by voice-”The majority of the people in the land don,t like this leader.” On8/11/22 i see the planning of this very Event happening[for the 2nd time]in a conference room.Iam sitting at a distance near the door,away from the conference table.Allow me not to divulge the persons in this inhouse gathering.The leader announces-”if you are not part of this meeting leave!”And i hurry out to go home,already it was getting dark.Then iam transported home to find myself locked inside with strange fellows.It seems we were in a lockdown,coz i didn,t see any movement outside.From a distance i hear the sound of jingle bells,jingle bells and i knew the season we were in-CHRISTMAS TIME. On 12/11/22 At dawn while having a sound sleep i hear-‘coup coup coup.’A new leader will emerge,unfortunately he will receive the Mark,because that is what i saw in March 2022.I saw him in Office at the time the mark was being instituted. In my dreams twice now i have been shown a Dull December.The spark of Christmas was absent.The message of Vicki Go forth could tell it all.I wrote in my previous warnings the Two R,s will follow one another in Succession.So don,t cry why things went Awry[amiss].Everything will happen the way it has been scheduled by the Father of light. The lord instructed me to hive this message from a message he has given in the past 2 days{will be posted after this one.He did not want me to mix them.} Daniel2:21-22

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