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Kenya:Lockdown – Sammy Omosh



August 20, 2021 4:06 AM
Sammy Omosh

On 3rd Oct 2012{confirmation dream of my recent go home dream}In this dream i found myseif strolling near former Cameo cinema{kenyatta avenue}.Then i saw cops clearing the streets of Nairobi and telling people “to go home”,and there was no entry into the city centre.I woke up to find it,s 3:15am{From my old dream journal on dreams and visions}

On 28th feb2019 The dream came in symbolism: I saw 2 buffaloes fighting all the way to residential areas and people fleeing for cover.one buffalo was injured slightly on the leg.This is a riddle you need to un earth{unravel}.

On 6th Sep 2020:I saw i was in our coutryside home observing the fence{hedge} when i saw a young man appear nearby,he pointed a gun at me ready to shoot me.I then dived over the fence{hedge} the way you watch in movies.I then said to myself “why should i die now yet i have some work to do in the harvest?’In the upcoming times of chaos,there could be hired mercenaries who have moved inside the country,from porous boarders and smuggled guns too in the process.

In the first week of June 2021:In the dream i was in the CBD of Nairobi along Harambee avenue,next to National bank building.It seems there was an outbreak of a deadly virus and the cops were patrolling the cbd to ensure set guidelines were adhered to.

On 25th april 2021:In a dream just b4 waking up, i saw plain cloth cops and a few medical workers entering houses doing forceful vax.I was in a nearby house,i peeped thro the window.Then i sneaked out and disappeared like ” lightning”I knew they will inject me with the poison/killershot if i waited.
Last year in a dream i saw i was in prison/jail.The guards gave me food and i refused to eat.I believe in the future,this vax thing will land many of us in jail.Halleluiah to the lamb of GOD,this will be an open door to do ministry in jail.Iam not afraid or remorseful{watch Kerry ann,s youtube video that confirms this.}Many times i have gone for prayers outdoor at night,sleeping on the hard ground,laying my head on a stone that is “inbuilt”so to speak,and covering myself with a shawl.This has prepared me for the upcoming battle.Remember Jacob in Bethel on transit to Haran{Genesis28:10-11.

On 9th aug 2021:In a dream i saw another outbreak of a virus,many opted to move from the city and go upcountry{rural areas}.While upcounty they still wore masks,as opposed to now.

On 19th aug2021 i woke up from a dream at 5am,in which i saw a barricade{roadbock}erec ted in a certain place in Nairobi,with many cops manning it.I was walking towards it and a lady walking towards my direction told me ” she has passed thro the barricade by a whisker of a second”and they have closed it{the time was noon}.when i reached that point a lady cop asked me whether i have been vaccinated and i replied”NO”.She then looked away and sarcastically told me i will “infect her with the virus”.

This dream from the lord confirms the dream by bro.william at the end of june 2021 about the lockdown coming and vice versa.Another lockdown will be political from my previous post.

Till we meet again.Bro sammy.

Jeremiah30:24, Isaiah 2:17-19 and Acts12:1-11.



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