Dream, Persecution

Dream: Persecution – Elizabeth Schwartz


Dream: Persecution

February 2, 2022 12:22 PM
Elizabeth Schwartz

02 February, 2022:

I had a dream the other morning: There was a Young Woman, and n she was Pregnant, and there was a State of Persecution… And there were all these people fleeing, or Getting Ready to Flee.
This Pregnant Young Woman, was Also Looking to where or How She Could Flee… But there Were Some People, looking to this Young Woman, for Help, in this Time of Persecution. And As I was Seeing This, their Reverently Looking to Her for Help, I was Thinking-Saying, “How Can You Do This, While SHE HERSELF, needs Rescuing…??!!

As I dreamt this, I also saw the phrase “Persecution of the Jews…”
And that’s the Only Parts of the Dream I Can Remember, although I know there was more…

– Elizabeth, South Africa


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