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June 2014 dream of the New Madrid/The division of Israel:

In the dream I had I was above the USA, I could see all the trees and mountain ranges. I seen a spear come out of the sky, it pierced southern MO and ripped it down all the way to the gulf through Louisiana. Then I saw it rip up through to the Great Lakes. I saw st. Louis MO sink under the ground. It opened in width from st. Louis to hwy 127. I heard the following exact word’s in my spirit ” if they divide my land, I will divide their nation “

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  1. David Lockett

    If u can answer this I live in Louisiana 105 miles from Mississippi river and new Madrid fault , did Louisiana disappear? I live in north Louisiana only 1 half hour to Arkansas, I hope to have a response from u, I have pray about moving but nothing to say leave except to trust his protection, thanks if you reply to this

  2. Milton Wildermann

    I saw split in two around it seemed far eastern Kansas. It was devastating. The damage will be incomphrehensible

  3. David Lockett

    Base on ur response Louisiana no longer exist, I do feel it close to erupting for some reason it could a minor 1 before the major 1 as a wake up call, also I feel possible God will supernaturally translate some like Philip or rapture, thanks for the reply

  4. I have also seen the US split along the Mississippi River. Dream said that was the original purpose of it, to split the US.
    Also showed I met a black pastor. Told him the vision of the Mississippi River splitting the US, and the man told me, “This is correct. The US will split along this river. I have seen it, too.”
    10 years later, sharing prophetic visions at a dinner, a visitor, a black evangelist, said those words.
    So, dream is vetted.

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