Dread – Ruth Johnson



November 25, 2021 1:18 AM
Ruth Johnson
Do you feel dread?
Yes, I do.
Do you feel it too?
Yes, I do.
A very reverent fear,
A stirring in the air,
The heavens moving near,
Closer to us here
On earth.
The dread.
The awesome fear
Of our True God
Moving near,
Accompanied by dark,
Stark, black dark,
So deep, so thick,
No one can move in it
But them,
The dark ones,
Heaven’s outcasts,
The serpent’s sons,
Here they come!
Better run
And hide
Do not let them find you!
Go under the wing
Of our Great God and our Saviour,
Christ Jesus the King!
Leave that dread at the altar
Ashen bread
Blowing in the wind.
Once the hurricane
Clears the table
We may enjoy
A Feast again!
Hail the hearty!
Hail the able!
The ones who stand and fight!
We were born
For this time
We are His
Children of Light.
It is happening,
It is coming,
Folks will be
Haphazardly running,
Yelling and screaming,
Chaos and mayhem
All caused by them
And their black scheming.
A Saviour arrives,
A white horse astride,
Eyes lit up
With the Power of All.
All Seeing, All Hearing, All Knowing,
Now! Now! Now!
Our sins have reached Him
On His High Throne
It is time for Him
To come on down.
He cannot stand the stench,
Will not put up with squall,
He Will step right in
And put an end to it all.
Bow to Him
All you peoples,
That is it,
That is all.


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