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Don’t be left out of the Ark of protection. You hold the key – Every Knee Shall Bow


Don’t be left out of the Ark of protection. You hold the key

November 23, 2021 8:23 PM
Every Knee Shall Bow
“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” Matthew 11:28-30

May the protective shadow of the Almighty be over His people today and always. I’m going to refer to this as an experience and not a dream. This happened on June 18, 2021. I thought this would stay as a personal experience, but the Lord is leading me to share it. Although I was asleep, I was visited by the Lord and He spoke to me, showed me things, made me feel things. Some dreams are things you are shown and you later retell. Some, like this one, are very vivid dreams or events that you experience and you can say you lived them. Hopefully you’ll see what I mean as I explain.

In this experience God had called His people to get ready. I knew I had been doing that. Preparing myself in the spirit with His direction for some time. (This had been going on also in real life. The Lord had called me, as He has many, to prepare for what’s coming and for what He will have us to do in the approaching End Times).

All of a sudden we were called into action. I saw a huge mass of people begin to move. They marched and I was in the group. We couldn’t stop moving, walking nonstop as if a force was directing our steps. Then I noticed the whole group began to be separated. Some kept walking to the right and upward (in a slight angle) and others were driven to walk to the left and slightly downward. I began to feel uneasy in my spirit and told the Lord: “Lord, I’m going with you right?” He was there, directing and overseeing everything, but He didn’t respond. Fear began to grow in me, but I couldn’t stop nor turn around. I kept asking the same question and the Lord was still quiet. I told Him: “Lord, I reached for you as you told me to do to get ready. I’m going with you, right?” As I said that and realized I was in the group on the left I got sadder. I felt I couldn’t plead with Him because I knew deep inside there was this One Thing that the Lord had told me to deal with and I didn’t know how to address because it was painful. I had my excuse, but the Lord had told me before about it. Months before I had put this situation on the backburner. However, the day before this dream I had told the Lord: “You know Lord… Do with me as you please regarding this. Tell me what to do and I’ll do it. I don’t care how or what it is”. I believe this dream was the immediate answer to that prayer.

So, in the dream I knew there was that One Thing and as I walked rapidly towards the place my group was being directed the Lord made me feel His sadness in having to send me there and not take me with the rest. But He was firm because His decisions are always right and just. He IS righteousness. So I entered this waiting room with individual chairs lined up in perfect rows that enlarged as more people came in the room. As I was approaching my chair (we were filling them up in the order we entered) I said: “God, no, no… I don’t want to sit here. I want to go with the rest”. I wondered what would come next (it was a waiting room); if I would face judgement… also why were we sitting down while the others were marching.

The Lord was still quiet watching me. Right before I was going to take my seat (I could not have avoided it, it was directed on me) I said: “I know Lord why I’m here”. Then that One Thing came to my mind. There was a problem in relationship I had with a person and I hadn’t dealt with it. I was destroyed inside. So quietly and in deep sadness I took my seat.

I was then immediately taken from there by the Lord and put with the marching crowd that at this point was walking (almost running) on a platform by the water (looked like a harbor). There was a multitude of people walking rapidly away from something (I didn’t look behind though). There was water to my left and 8-10 feet away there was a big barge boat moving slowly and leaving the harbor.

As the Lord placed me there He said: “Ok, deal with this NOW”. It was clear to me he meant time was of the essence. I understood He had just shown me how things would unfold if I didn’t do what He would tell me to do. He told me what to do on the second dream I had that same night (I’ll get there in a moment).

So the Lord leaves and I’m placed by my husband who’s about to jump into the barge that’s already moving. He does and tries to pull me in (I see some strings coming from him), but his strength can’t carry me. I said: “ don’t worry I have enough in me. I can do it”. And I jumped in. Dream ends.

The strings, the Lord showed me later, represented faith.

As I woke up from this experience the Lord told me: “Revelations 6”. I read it immediately and it’s the chapter of the upcoming judgements before His wrath. He has promised to protect us and use His remnant during this time that is fast approaching. He has called many of His people to get ready for this; to clean our garments, BUT if we don’t heed His warnings and we are not found worthy of escaping we will have to endure His judgement. We’ll have to weather them and the worst thing is we won’t be able to help. We’ll have to sit down and wait there for we would be in need of further refinement.

After this heavy experience I prayed and went back to sleep. Then the Lord showed me exactly what I had to do to deal with the issue that kept me from joining the remnant. Brothers and sisters, I just would have not known what to do or how on my own. The Lord sees every heart and knows what others need. Things we assume about people are many times Satan’s deceptions. In that second dream the Lord showed me there was a person I had hurt (I knew things were not ok between this person and me, because of this person’s behavior towards me. It wasn’t ugly, but the relationship had been affected. However I didn’t make much of it. For me it was just a small stone in a show). I did not know the level of pain this person was enduring and the Lord told me to contact this person and say the words he had just given me to say.

As soon as I woke up, I was able to contact this person. I said: “The Lord told me to tell you, I’m sorry.  Right there the person began to cry and said: “I never thought you’d say that”.

How would I know I held the key to ending someone’s pain by saying a heartfelt : “I’m sorry”. You too hold the key that could set someone free from the bondage of pain. Ask the Lord to show you who needs to hear those words from you and do it immediately.

Also please, never underestimate a warning the Lord gives you (like I did). Although this was not a huge deal in my life, the Lord had heavily impressed this situation in me like some priority issue I had to deal with. Things are not always about us. God’s also restoring others and this is one way He may use you.

May the Lord continue cleansing and refining His remnant. May we be sober and willing to obey Him in everything. God bless.


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