Donald Trump is the “Great” Red Dragon! – Carla Gillespie

By Carla Gillespie

Thursday July 6th 2017

Donald Trump is the “Great” Red Dragon! He ran As a republican so that gives him the color red and he uses the word great in his logo …The Holy Spirit showed me the very next day-after the election who this man really was he says that the world is not what it seems these people are great actors and they are deceiving the whole world do not believe your media do not look to anyone in the White House they all are ran by the fallen ones ! There is no separation between church and state with Jesus Christ there are 2 groups of people you are either his or you are not !Jesus Christ is coming to judge the White House ! Donald Trump will not be in office much longer and Barack Obama will step back on stage somehow I don’t know how but I just know he will as the final Anti-Christ the beast in revelation 13 that the dragon gave his throne to the beast and it will start the great tribulation

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