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Carla Smith

Do You Know Me

December 12, 2018

My daughter, write these Words,

Many are on the brink of change … a change that comes at a great cost … When this change comes are you willing to reach out to my hurting children? … To the ones who are not like you? … To the broken and scared? … Will your hands be My Hands … Will your heart be My Heart?

I bind up the wounded and broken unto Myself … I comfort ALL who come to Me with a broken spirit, yielding to My MERCY … In pain and despair most people cry out to Me, but I have always been with them … I have called to My children to repent and yield to My Holy Word, to walk in holiness … My Spirit will lead them into all Truth and guide their daily lives.

I make Myself known through My Word … Do you know ME? … Do I know YOU? … Are you seeking Me in Truth? … Have you ask Me to help you?

Many seek Words about Me, BUT do you KNOW ME? … I lead all into Truth that seek Me with a pure heart.

Prepare your hearts for change, walk with humility, ask to hear My voice to guide you for the days ahead … Many will be afraid seeking answers … Will they see Me in YOU? … Will you reach out to the broken and scared with MY WORDS of comfort and salvation?

I call My strong ones to walk before Me, willing to be obedient in ALL I’ve called them to do,
BE READY, BE FEARLESS because I go before you.

Thank You Yeshua (Jesus) for this Word … I love and need You so much.

Scripture references:

Psalm 34:18, 51:17, 147:3 Matthew 7:21-25 Luke 21:25-26 John16:13-14

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