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Do Not Take the Mark – 278pikelk


September 17, 2012

Do Not Take the Mark

Use Me. Research all of the tools I have given you to walk with Me and glorify Me: fasting, holy communion, putting on My armor and praying constantly in the Spirit. Lie face down and repent. Let Me lift your face as a sign of renewal, not only you abiding in Me, but letting Me abide in you. Cleanse yourself. Be My vessel. Empty yourself of this world’s junk. Let Me fill you up. Be My vessel. I am the great One. I am the I AM. Listen, and do these things I ask of you. My time is upon you. Fill yourself with Me, Ruach Ha’Kodesh. Do not be persuaded by the scoffers. They will tell you not to look into these things. They will come to you saying these things are not of today. I am the same today, yesterday and forever. These tools are of today, especially for today. Tell these scoffers that they are the ones falling for the lies of the evil one, the great deceiver and destructor. Now pray in the Spirit. Fast and commune with Me. As long as your intentions are pure, you will be rewarded greatly. Man’s ways are not My ways. My ways have been corrupted. You heart is examined by Me. Pray to be found worthy. Continually seek answers. Ask for wisdom, and it will made known to you. Separate yourselves now from the evil in this world. When you live under My grace, you are righteous and pure. You are being sanctified. Only I can sanctify you. You cannot sanctify yourself. Live each day as it comes knowing how much you are loved now. Soon you will see many miracles around you. Discern what is from Me and what is from the deceiver. Do not live in fear or worry. This is not of Me. You must trust and put your life in My hands now. You are under My protection. If you remain in Me, use your tools. I will give you the wisdom to do so. Wait patiently. Wait and watch. You will not be disappointed, for when I come, you will be engulfed by a love you cannot imagine. I love you as much today as I did while you were in your mother’s womb. Nothing you have done can cancel that love. nothing. You are Mine, forgiven and as white as snow, purely righteous and safe under My wing. Stay there now. Let go of the past and move forward, letting My Holy Spirit be your guide. You have to stay in Me and in My word for My Holy Spirit to guide you, for you to be My servant, for you to be Mine.

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